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well undertaker has never fought his self but there was a fake undertaker that looked the same and they could of fought but they haven't yet.The fake undertaker and the real undertaker once were both fighting at the same time with a different person each and the fake undertaker lost and the real one won.


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brian lee played the other undertaker in undertaker vs undertaker match

undertaker won the match.

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Undertaker by submission move

it was Brian Lee that played the fake undertaker, but he not related in anyway to the Undertaker in real life. September 16, 2008 Kane has never played the Undertaker. The fake undertaker was brian lee not Kane

The Undertaker won by a submission

The Undertaker won He tombstoned every one in the ring

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Undertaker won with assistance from the flames.

Of course not its just the gimmick untertakers real brother was the one who faced him in the undertaker vs undertaker match

the one in the purplish blue boots and glove's.

everyone is saying Undertaker won

we want undertaker vs Shawn if he get the chance he will win this time

The Undertaker would kick the boogeyman's butt.

Undertaker won resulting in 19 - 0.

yes by kane, and mr.macmahon By Roko Loko --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Undertaker got Buried by Kane (vs Stone Cold Steve Austin and vs Mr Mcmahon) Undertaker got Buried by Nexus (vs Kane) Undertaker has never been Buried By a Single Superstar By Atit Anish Patel

The Undertaker won even though i was with hhh 19-0 undertaker. the streak is indefeatable

no because undertaker beat boogeyman at wrestlemania to never have a match again

The Undertaker has beaten Mark Henry before. He can very easily do it again.

The record is ... Shawn Michaels 6 out of 15.The Undertaker is 9 out of 15.

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