Unit Weight of cement?

Between 830kg/m3 to 1650kg/m3 Cement (finely ground gray or white powder used to bind concrete mixtures) weighs between 830 kg/m3 and 1650 kg/m3 (52 lbs/ft3 and 103 lbs/ft3) depending on its handling. The weight of cement that has been pneumatically loaded into a cement silo may be as low as 830 kg/m3 (52 lbs/ft3), while cement that has been stored for a period of time exposed to vibration may be as heavy as 1650 kg/m3 (103 lbs/ft3). It is standard practice to consider a 94 lb bag of cement to be one cubic foot when freshly packed. Two 500-mL beakers were used for 500 grams of dry powdered cement. Cement was simply poured into beaker No 1. Cement was slightly vibrated-imitating consolidation during transport or packing while stored in a silo, into Beaker No 2. An approximately 20% difference in bulk volume was found. This demonstrates the need to measure cement by mass instead of volume for batching concrete.