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This ability to get a woman pregnant starts at adolescence which is biologically specified. This age can be quite young, with great variance, and it has been getting earlier and earlier over the last couple of generations with improvements in nutrition and medicine. Young men at the very beginning of adolescence sometimes make the mistake of assuming they are sterile when they can gain an erection with orgaism but nothing yet is released. On occassion, a young man at this stage gets the opportunity to engage in sex with a young girl. He mistakenly thinks that this young woman cannot get pregnant. However, he is unaware of the new level of excitation this experience puts on the body, and how it accepts this new challenge. It only takes one, and his young body makes every effort it can to contribute to the real experience. The release of the new sperm is tiny but effective. It might be only a thousand, maybe even one. A few weeks later, a painful epiphany approaches this young man as new authoriites advise that he is no longer sterile. The blood test confirms the young man is the father but he is still puzzled as his attempts to produce a mere drop of semen all by himself release nothing. The young boy realizes he is now a man and should have listened to his parents.

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There is no age limit.

If a guy has sperm in his balls, and a girl has had her period before you can make a baby.

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When ever a women starts ovulation which is usually between the ages of 13-16 but it could happen younger or older

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Q: Until what age a man can make a women pregnant?
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