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vertical orientation with a forward facing face. Males brood the eggs. Propolsive dorsel fin.

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What fish characteristics do seahorses have?

Seahorses are fish that live underwater and breath with gills, and have fins.

What is the unusual characteristics of the clown fish?

What is the unusual characteristics of the clown fish?

What is unusual about seahorses?

plenty of things- the females give the males eggs in which he "gets pregnant with" and fertilizes them inside his pouch- then he spews the eggs out as they hatch. seahorses can camouflage better than chameleons can and they also can switch to and from binocular vision and monocular vision seahorses are cool!

What are some unusual characteristics on Saturn?


What unusual characteristics do pandas have?

They Eat bamboo

What are unusual characteristics of stick insects?

it can play dead

What are the unusual characteristics of Abel Tasman?

He was an explorer how explored

What unusual characteristics do snow leopards have?

white colour

Do seahorses exist?

Yes! Seahorses are wonderful and unique little creatures. These unusual fish like to live in sheltered areas, where they bob about, swimming upright. They do have a horselike look but with long snouts. They sometimes turn bright colors when in unusual surroundings or when with others. You may see the Related Link (below) for more information, including pictures.

What are some unusual characteristics of the lakes in the great rift valley?

Some unusual characteristics are that the rift valley looks like a scar and they were created by a rift..... I think. Hope this helped! ;)

Are seahorses hermaphrodites?

There are male seahorses and female seahorses.

What is the unusual characteristics of the tiger?

its the way the tiger comes in to the world

What are some unusual characteristics of a stingray?

They have a fin, which determines, if their gender

What are unusual characteristics of horses?

It is impossible for horses to throw up.

What characteristics make flubber such an unusual substance?

science fiction does the trick.

Unusual characteristics of cnidarians?

they are anamals that live in the water and have stinging cells.

Unusual characteristics of a sloth?

Their eyes are far apart on the sides of their heads.

What are some unusual characteristics or behaviors of a squid?

what are some behaviors of a squid

Do seahorses migrate?

No. Seahorses do not migrate.

Does seahorses have gills?

Seahorses have gills

Why are seahorses extinct?

Seahorses are not extinct.

Do seahorses have fins?

Yes seahorses have fins.

Do seahorses migrate if they do how far?

Seahorses do not migrate.

Why do seahorses lay eggs?

Seahorses are not mammals.

What are the activities of a seahorses?

What is a seahorses daily activities?

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