Use Contrast in a sentence

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use contrast in sentence.

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Q: Use Contrast in a sentence
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Related questions

What is an example use of in contrast in sentence?

I like rainbow grass in contrast to boring,plain old green grass.

What is a sentence for contrast?

I will contrast these two plants.

What is a sentence for the word contrast?

Example sentence - The black frame has a nice contrast to the red in the painting.

Sentence with the word contrast?

i contrast the different between a girl and a boy.

What is a sentence with contrast?

I will contrast these 2 blue flower inmy garden.

How do you use microwave in a sentence?

It varys- here are some examples:verb>>>Microwave the covered bowl for 4 min.Noun>>>How do yo use "Microwave" in a sentence?Compare and contrast: Radiowave and Microwave

How would you use the word compare in a sentence?

It's hard to contrast and compare when I just don't have the words.

Write a sentence using the word contrast as a noun?

The contrast of the photo was impeccable.

What are the 6 kinds of contextual guessing?

use of sentence sence use of synonym use of examples use of comprison or analogy use of antonym or contrast use of structional sentences

How do you use contrast in a sentence?

noun - The contrast between this and his earlier paintings is astounding.Black on yellow provides the most easily seen color contrast.verb - Contrast this plan with the previous plan and you will see what I mean. The essay must contrast city life with country life.

Use stark in a sentence?

Her innocent radiant smile stood in stark contrast to the head mistress's stern scowl.

How do you use prosy in a sentence?

In contrast to the other guests attending the ball Steve's prosy air was easily overlooked.

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