Use agenda in a sentence

Updated: 9/15/2023
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I will adjust my agenda to include your meeting.

He has a hidden agenda.

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Q: Use agenda in a sentence
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How do you use the word agenda in a sentence?

Please write an agenda for our upcoming meeting. I believe doing your homework for you is not on my agenda today. The number one item on your agenda should be learning proper sentence structure. Do you really think that everyone has an agenda??

What is the correct grammar to schedule it on your agenda or in your agenda?

Use on. Agenda means (a list of ) things to do.

How you make a sentence using the word agenda?

We received the agenda for the meeting today. Sometimes I wonder if she has a hidden agenda.

How do you use the word ulterior in a sentence?

The politician had an ulterior motive in sponsoring a legislative bill that was really designed to advance the agenda of a lobbyist .

What is a pro life agenda?

A perpetual agenda that you may use your whole life

What does it mean to have an agenda?

Usually this means you have something, or a list of things, to do. It can also be used to say you aren't doing something, like in the sentence "That's not on the agenda"

Can you give my a sentence for word agenda?

The students take their agendas to school everyday.

A sentence using expose?

Unless he rejects Christianity and turns Islamic, this will serve to expose his agenda.

How would you use advocate in a sentence?

Mr. Johns has quite a bit of leadership experience. However, his advocation of the KKK agenda during the 1950's kept him from being elected.

What is a sentence for reform?

She had worked tirelessly to help shape the details of the party's reform agenda. He was running as a reform candidate.

What is institutional agenda?

Institutional agenda is another term for Policy agenda.

Which word in everyday use comes from the latin meaning a list of things to do?