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Use embalmers in a sentence?


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i do not know how to use embalming in a sentence. (there is the sentence)

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egptians/what did the embalmers do with the eternal organs

A person that mummifies a mummy is an embalmer.

The embalmers often wore a jackal-head mask.

Embalmers generally make about $35-45,000 per year.

No. The embalmers were the priests, and women were not allowed to be priests

Egyptians used Natron Salt to mummify stuff

Some were put in canopic jars so that the pharoah (or whoever was mummified) could 'use' them in the afterlife.

They were called embalmers.

embalmers preserved a mummy.

They get paid with Garlic and radishes.

The Egyptian embalmers were made up of members of the priesthood. In The Mummy movies Imoteph, as keeper of the dead, would have been in charge of mummification.

Embalmers were mostly found in ancient Egypt. They specialized in preserving the bodies of the dead pharaohs and great leaders of Egypt. It is because of their skill in embalming that there are evidences of mummy's today.

On a slab in the family tomb. Fortunately they did not have embalmers.

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