Use knack in a sentence

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Meaning "capacity" or "skill," the term "knack" is not common in contemporary English but can be usefully employed. One example-sentence for its use is as follows: "He very much appreciated her knack for editing without having had any formal training at all; however, he still intended to hire a professional before actually submitting the paper for publication. "

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Q: Use knack in a sentence
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How do you write a sentence with knack?

I just wrote a sentence with the word knack! I just cannot seem to get the knack of structuring sentences.

Is this sentence correct. She has knack for creativity.?

No, it is not. Correctly it would be: She has a knack for creativity.

What is a sentence for the word knack?

A knack is a talent for something. Here are some sentences.He's got a real knack for painting.I wish I had the knack of gardening.Constructing furniture takes a knack.

Use knick knack in a sentence?

What are those on your shelf? Oh, those are my knick knacks and collectibles. or- Knick knack patty whack give a dog a bone.

Can you use knack in a sentence?

Riding my bike was a knack I though I would never pick up, but I persevered and now I'm out on it everyday. She has a real knack for decorating and every room in her home is beautiful. I struggled to teach our son the math facts, but my husband has a knack for explaining them in a simple manner.

What is a sentence using the word knack?

Some things are quite tricky to do, and if you don't have the knack you'll probably fail.

How can you use the word collect in a sentence?

Please call collect at your convenience. This knick knack will just collect a lot of dust.

How would knack be used in a sentence?

Because Mom has such a knack for growing plants, I asked her to care for my garden when I spent a month overseas.

How can you use the word singular in a sentence?

The pronoun he is singular, while the pronoun they is plural. The persuasive lobbyist had a singular knack for getting others to agree with him.

When did The Knack end?

The Knack ended in 2010.

When was The Knack created?

The Knack was created in 1978.

What part of speech is the word knack?

Knack is a noun.