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Borane takes aldehydes to primary alcohols and ketones to secondary alcohols it also reduces esters but only slowly

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How do you do the THG on ROBLOX?

Sometime during June 8th, 2010, ROBLOX has made a THF, or a Triple Hat Feature.Since ROBLOX has made a THF, the use for a THG is pointless.

Why sulfuric acid in the synthesis of aspirin?

The usual use of sulfuric acid in organic reactions is to promote dehydration reactions.

What can solvents do to use to dissolve Polycaprolactone?

THF, Chloroform, ethylacetate are good solvents for PCL.

Why you use benzophenone in preparation of dry THF?

It forms a diol once it reacts with water

What has the author Mark Jonathan Voaden written?

Mark Jonathan Voaden has written: 'The use of silicon substituted dienes in organic synthesis'

What are uses of m-nitroaniline?

Used as a "color test for pine wood" and in the synthesis of organic chemicals; [HSDB] There are associated diseases listed with its use.

What has the author Ignac Joseph Jakovac written?

Ignac Joseph Jakovac has written: 'The use of enzymes in organic synthesis: some applications of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase'

What has the author D C Chapman written?

D. C. Chapman has written: 'The preparation and investigation of some hetero-atom onium ions and their use in organic synthesis'

Synthesis of hexanal by use acetylene and alkyl halide?

Use sodium amide to deprotonate acetylene and react it with iodoethane (or equivilent) two times to form 3-hexyne. Use sodium amide again to "move" the triple bond to a terminal position (to make 1-hexyne). Reprotonate with dilute HCl. Now simply do a hydrobroation-oxydation (BH3*THF followed by H2O2 and NaOH(aq)) to yield hexanal.

What do cell use ribosomes for?

Ribosomes are small ''protein factories'' for protein synthesis in cell. Therefore, cell use ribosomes for synthesis protein...

Describe how dehydration and hydrolysis relate to organic molecules?

Dehydration means to take water out. Theus when you use dehydration synthesis, you are building something up while taking water out. If dehydration synthesis continues for a long time, a complex carbohydrate chain called a polysaccharide is formed. Daje Duhh <3

What did paul sabatier invent?

Paul Sabatier was a French chemist who won the 1912 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work regarding catalytic organic synthesis. He introduced the use of nickel in hydrogenation of carbon compounds.

Why do people use organic cotton?

people use it cuz there needs to be everything organic and ........

Can you use organic compost with camellias?

Yes. You can use organic compost to grow anything.

What is the difference between organic and non organic food methods?

In organic foods they use pesticides to the minimum as they only use it on one crop (potatoes). Non-organic food use pesticides a lot more

What is Alkanes used for?

By far the most important economic use for alkanes is their use as fuels. They are also used as lubricants and as non-polar solvents. They are largely unreactive, but can react with halogens such as bromine in the presence of sunlight to form halogenoalkanes, which are much more useful in organic synthesis.

Does phosphorylation of ATP use dehydration synthesis?


How do organic farmers cope without using pesticides?

Organic farmers do use pesticides, they just use the ones approved for organic production, such as Bt insecticides.

What hormone enhances protein synthesis decreases glucose use and promotes the destruction of fats?

enhances protein synthesis, decreases glucose use, and promotes the destruction of fats

Does Scotts Lawn Service use organic chemicals?

While Scott's Lawn Service does use some organic chemicals, they do not specialize in them or have an organic-only plan. Those they do use are only by chance.

What can you do with energy crystals in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Use them with synthesis. Energy materials halve the costs of materials for item synthesis.

What is the adjective for synthesis?

The adjective form for the noun synthesis is synthetic. Example use: Synthetic flowers don't need to be watered.

Is broccoli an organic food?

Not necessarily. Broccoli can be organic, but just because it is a vegetable doesn't automatically make it organic. When a vegetable is organic, it means they didn't use pesticide (non-organic ones, anyway), and didn't use GMO seeds. There is more to organic than simply fruits and vegetables.

How could you use the noun synthesis in a sentence?

The synthesis of chemicals was so explosive poor Kelly lost a few fingers and his eyebrows.

Where can you find synthesis items in Kingdom Hearts 1?

The heartless that you fight drop different types of items that you can use for item synthesis.

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