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"How can you use the word "runoff" in a sentence?" That's a sentence, and it uses the word "runoff".

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How can you use runoff in a sentence?

The runoff water went down the drain.

How do you use the word runoff in a sentence?

The runoff from the farm polluted the stream.

How would you use the word runoff in a sentence?

The runoff from the roof filled the rain barrel. The runoff from the strip mine killed the fish in the stream.

What is a sentence for the word runoff?

I had a runoff to get to the finish line.

How can you use the word runoff in a sentence?

Runoff from the field sprayed with herbicides polluted the river. The heavy rains caused runoff that eroded the hill. We planted trees on the hillside so runoff from heavy rains would not cause erosion.

How do you use runoff in a sentence?

According to YourDictionary.com..Despite many years of research, accurate real-time modeling of the rainfall runoff process is still difficult to achieve.

How can you limit runoff?

you can limit runoff by not wasting water like conserve the water that you don't use

What an example sentence for runoff?

New construction allowed runoff from hillsides which flooded basements in nearby homes.Runoff naturally seeks a path of least resistance.Continual runoff can undermine hills, leading to mudslides and ground failures.

How do you use corrugate in a sentence?

Corrugate is a word used to describe the appearance of an object with pleats or folds spaced evenly. A sentence using the word corrugate is: The roof has corrugate tin panels to aid in water runoff.

How are groundwater and runoff alike?

Ground off and runoff are both precipitation and fresh water. Since they are fresh water, people use groundwater and runoff for households and drinking waters sometimes.

What s a runoff sentence?

A sentence that basically never ends. Like. Billy was a fast runner, and he was smart, and flexible, and optimistic about eating a cactus...so on

What is snowmelt runoff?

Runoff is water that flows over the ground surface. Snowmelt runoff is runoff from melting snow.

Glacial runoff and what else provides water to the large rivers of India?

Runoff from rain and runoff from melting snow (which is NOT the same as glacial runoff).

Why is runoff important?

why are urban runoff important

How does runoff affect salinity?

hi can use skype in my phoon gt-s5830i?

What are the two types of runoff?

Surface runoff and Subsurface runoff. Basically, above ground and below ground

What is construction runoff?

runoff caused by construction working

Does the causes of acid rain include runoff from cars?

acid rain comes from chemicals in the clouds, not runoff there is no "car runoff" runoff is from the slanted ground into water bodies

What are the different stromwater runoff problems facing Arizona?

There are no stromwatrer runoff problems in Arizona, but there are stormwater runoff problems

What is a runoff election?

Any election with a tie in the vote is a runoff.

What is a runoff in the water cycle?

a runoff is the short word for evaperation.

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