Use trembling in sentence

Updated: 9/24/2023
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One sentence with the word "trembling" is; The little girl was trembling at the sight of the clown.

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Q: Use trembling in sentence
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What is a sentence for trembling?

The mouse was trembling with fear when the cat trapped him in a corner.

How do you use 'tremble' in a sentence?

Galbraith was trembling with exciment.Trembling with palsy was he to his feet.

How do you use the word trembling in a sentence?

The old couple, trembling, began to rise

What is a good sentence using the word trembling?

I stood trembling in fear when I heard a shriek come from behind.

What is a good sentence of trembling?

i wish 2 wish

Now you want a sentence of occasionally trembling?

Yes, the sentence for occasionally trembling is, "The man's funeral was occasionally fun to the children, as of what they didn't know what was happening as it all became a tremble."

What is a sentence using trembling?

The stupid kid's trembling ego obscured his vision, so he couldn't see that he was failing his spelling test.

What similes to use for the coward was trembling like a?

The 🐄 coward was trembling like a leaf

What is a sentence using the word trembling?

I was so nervous my knees trembled as I sat in the dentist waiting room.

A sentence with the word trembling in it?

The very thought of entering the dark and brooding forest caused him to tremble violently and filled him a sense of impending doom.

Use the word wary in a sentence?

The lifeguard was very wary when he saw the little kids go in the water. Mom's hands were trembling terribly as she warily watched her child be taken off.

What is alliteration sentence for trees?

Tall, towering, trembling trees tossed in the tempest.