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Uses of SAP?

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replacing an out -dated and inefficient it architecture,enabling buisness process change and to gain competetive advantage

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Subarctic Indians gathered sap from trees?

Yes, sap has many uses.

What is sap platform?

The SAP platform is a service oriented application that provides a run time environment for SAP applications. It uses ABAP, C++, and Java EE programming languages.

How many companies uses sap bi technology in India?


Is Nokia entire operation backed by SAP?

Nokia uses for CRM.

Which computer language uses in SAP?

SAP is based on 5th generation language, we can simply compare it with orackle 11i which is one of most advance language but still 4th generation.

What does a butterfly use to drink tree sap?

The buterfly uses its tongue, often a long tube, to drink.

What are SAP courses?

SAP stands for System Application Product in Data Processing and sap courses are categorized in to two modules : functional and technical module.SAP functional module courses:SAP SDSAP PPSAP FI/COSAP QMSAP PMSAP technical module courses:SAP ABAPSAP Basis

Where do you get SAP training?

In case if you want to learn SAP PS Course then IT EDUCATINAL EXPERTS would be the best option for you because they are providing both ONLINE and OFFLINE Coaching and Training with Industry Experts and also you can take the course with flexible timings as per your comfort at the best price.

Where can you buy SAP IDES software?

I believe SAP IDES is not for sale. It's free for the SAP customers. Although I have found several websites that sell SAP IDES source, even the live one (you can run it from external hardisk, no installation needed, only uses VMware). But I believe it's illegal. Don't get your self in trouble by selling it, especially online.

What is a banana sap?

a banana sap is the sap from banana.

Which store the food that the seeds uses as it develops into a young plant?

the seeds are in the nucleus & the food is produced by the sap vacuole

What do yellow bellied sap suckers eat?

sap sap

Do animals have sap?

No. Animals DO NOT have sap. Only plants have sap.

What is maple sap?

Maple Sap is the sap that comes out of Maple trees.

Who made sap?

no one MADE sap. sap comes from trees.

What filled with cell sap?

The sap vacuole is what is full with the plant sap is in !!

Which is easy to learn sap basis or sap abap?

Sap abap...

What is SAP FICO?

SAP FICO stands for SAP Finance and Control SAP FI for Finance and CO for Controlling

What is the market cap for SAP SE SAP?

As of July 2014, the market cap for SAP SE (SAP) is $100,491,646,177.60.

After bca which course in sap is best suited the university in new delhi?

You have completed your bca. You can do sap at sap authorize education partners like JKT SAP Academy. After BCA sap technical module (sap basis, sap abap ) will be beneficial for you.

What are modules in SAP?

There are two types of sap modules :SAP Technical Module - SAP ABAP, SAP BasisSAP Functional Module - SAP HR, SAP FI, SAP CO, SAP SD, SAP PP, SAP MM etc.

What is the difference from sap 4.0 to sap 6.0?

sap 6.0 has been updated.

What is the symbol for SAP SE in the NYSE?

The symbol for SAP SE in the NYSE is: SAP.

What are cross application modules in sap abap?

cross application is used to transfer data from sap to sap or sap to non sap or non sap to sap. There are 5 modules in cross application in sap abap (IN SHORT "ABEIR"). 1.ALE 2.BAPI 3.EDI 4.IDOC 5.RFC

What is sap finance?

the finance of sap

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