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It shouldn"t matter to use screw-in chokes with buckshot. I prefer slugs, myself.

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Q: Using buck shot with screw in chokes?
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What is a winchoke on a shotgun?

A Winchoke is a screw in choking device that screws into the end of a Winchester Shotgun. Commonly called a screw in choke, most manufacturers have a different name for their chokes that they made specifically for their products. Screw in chokes eliminate the need for extra barrels with different chokes built in. The screw in choke allows the shooter to change from open chokes to a full choke depending on how wide they want the shot pattern to spread. Winchester makes the Winchoke, Remington makes the Remchoke, Browning makes the Invector choke and so on.

Is there a single shot shotgun that you can shoot a deer slug and double 00 buckshot?

Slugs and shot are simply the contents of the packaged shotshells. Any shotshell can be filled with shot of various sizes, including 00 buck or with slugs and any shotgun (single shot; pump, double or automatic) that will chamber that shell can shoot those loadings. One caution is that slugs and buckshot should not be used in shotguns fitted with full chokes. Modified chokes and improved cylinders are probably OK, and full chokes can be used with birdshot (smaller pellets).

When was The Buck Shot Show created?

The Buck Shot Show was created in 1967.

What are browning invector chokes used for?

To change the choke of the shot

Can you kill a deer using buck shot?

As the name "buck" shot implies, it is intended for use on large animals, such as deer. In much of the Southern US, only shotguns are used for deer hunting, and are loaded with buckshot.

What is better for buck shot full choke or mod?

You will need to shoot both chokes with as many different kinds of ammuntion as you can afford at the range you intend to shoot. Your shotgun will show a preference for at least one load.

How big is largest buck ever shot?

Well, the biggest buck ever shot was on ChuckandBuckOutdoors. You can find them on Youtube.

Will a 16 gauge full choke shoot steel shot?

If it was made to shoot steel shot and has interchangeable chokes.

Do shotgun chokes help accuracy?

they help with patterns of shot and accuracy of slugs

What is the largest mule deer buck ever shot?

The Dolores buck from Colorado

A sentence with the word 'buck'?

"The buck stops here." "He shot the seven point buck." "He asked to borrow a buck."

Why does my carburetor chokes out in gear or in take off?

I would suggest the accelerator pump shot.

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