Valency of chlorine

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Valency of chlorine
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Does chlorine has positive or negative valency?


What is valency of 17 element?

This is Cl, chlorine, with multiple valency values: -1, +1, +3, +5, +7

What is the valency of tetrachloride?

i think 4 is the valency of tetrachloride

Why are fluorine and chlorine in the same group?

Both have one electron vacancy in their valency orbital.

What is the valency of FeCl3?

In iron trichloride the valence of iron is +3 and the valence of chlorine -1.

Why silicon has valency 4 and chlorine has 1?

I want answer

How will you find the valency of chlorine sodium and magnesium?

Look in the periodic table at groups; sodium has the valence +1, magnesium +2 and chlorine -1.

Is the valency of an element same as its oxidation number?

Sometimes yes ... sometimes no. Valency of chlorine is 7 ... it has 7 valence electrons. But its most common oxidation number is -1.

Can a chlorine atom be bonded to two other atoms?

Since chlorine has a valency of 1 only, it can bond only wit one atom at a time

How can valence electron be determined?

actually valency is the combining capacity of atoms so to attain stable configuracy the lose or gain electrons for example chlorine has configuration of 2,8,1 so in order to attain stable configuracy they lose 1 electron.THIS is why we say chlorine has -1 as valency

Why is chlorine written as CL2 while it has valency of 1?

Valency is the number of electrons to reach the stable number of 8 electrons in its outer shell. Electrically neutral chlorine has 7 electrons its outermost shell. This means that a single bond, where two electron orbitals overlap is required to form the stable element allotrope, therefore two atoms of chlorine are needed.

Is Al Cl formula correct?

AlCl3 is the correct formula as the valency of aluminium and chlorine are 3 and 1 respectively.