Value of Browning A-5 shotgun?

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Depending on the condition, the value of a Browning A-5 is between $250 and $695.  
the worth of an A 5 depends on the type of a A 5 , 16 ga , 20 ga, 12 ga.
Unless the A 5 is really junk never think a A 5 is ever going to be worth a mere $250.00
Cheapest you will find in mose cases will $600.00 plus.
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What is the value of a 1935 Browning Auto-5 shotgun?

Answer . It can vary quite a bit depending on what grade and the PPGS grading (60% to 100%). All 4 grades were made with no rib, solid rib, and vented rib (each being more

What is the value of a 1940s vintage Browning A-5 Belgian shotgun?

Answer . Value depends on condition. It makes a huge difference in price when the gun is in 97% or better. Most of the late 1940's guns run $300 to $600 in price. A mint gu

What is value of browning auto 5 20 gauge shotgun?

The light twenty in good used condition is worth around $900. If it is in really nice shape it could be worth over $100 or higher if you find the right buyer. But the whole Br

What is the value of a Missouri made A-5 Browning shotgun?

Actually there were no A-5's that were made in Missouri. Believe you are referring to an American Browning Auto 5. The barrels simply state "Browning Arms Co. St. Louis Mo.".

What is value of browning auto 5 hump back shotgun?

Value is too difficult to be accurate without seeing the gun. Condition which includes the amount of original finish and original configuration will determine value. Conditio

What is the value of Browning shotgun serial?

Could be 100, could be 10000, could be 100000 USD. Need details 20GA, 3" mag, 28" full choke, vent rib, gold trigger, serial no on located on top of shell slide is 69X 3690
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What is the value of a browning automatic-5 shotgun numbered 6G45167?

First with the serial number you provided,your shotgun is a browning light weight model auto-5 shotgun that was made in 1966.As to the value,if your shotgun has between 60%-90