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It is mostly used to generate electricity, that is all large power reactors can do. There are some small reactors designed to enable samples to be irradiated and removed quickly, to provide radioisotopes for medical and industrial use.

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Q: Various fields where nuclear energy is used?
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Is an MRI nuclear?

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or as it used to be called NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) has nothing to do with nuclear energy or nuclear radiation. but yes it is nuclear, it has to do with nuclear magnetism. A strong magnet lines up the magnetic fields of the nuclei in the atoms of your body then a radio pulse flips those magnetic fields and by measuring how long the magnetic fields of nuclei in various parts of your body gyrate and take to settle back in alignment with the external field they can compute a picture.

What fields are plutonium used in?

Nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons

What types of nuclear energy generates electircity?

At present only nuclear fission can be used, in various types of reactor. The PWR and BWR are the most commonly used.

What is Uranium energy used for?

Uranium is used as nuclear fuel in nuclear reactors.

Is magnesium used for nuclear energy?

Magnesium is not used in the nuclear energy.

Is nuclear energy and nuclear fuel different?

Nuclear fuel is the fuel used to produce nuclear energy.

How are Nuclear energy transformed into usable energy?

Nuclear energy is used to produce steam. This steam used to rotate turbines

How are nuclear energy used?

Saying nuclear energy is like saying Norwegian furniture. Nuclear power/energy is used everywhere, in 2009 20% of all electricity in the US was nuclear origin.

What nuclear reaction is currently used to produce nuclear energy in nuclear reactors?

We use nuclear fission in nuclear reactors to tap nuclear energy.

How does nuclear energy help with robots?

No, nuclear energy is only used to make electricity

Nuclear energy that is used to power nuclear powerplants?

Nuclear energy generated by nuclear fissions of nuclear fuels.

What are the relationships between electrical energy and nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy is used to produce electrical energy, but there is no direct relationship