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Q: Venezuela tarifas pasaje de ferry puerto la cruz a isla margarita?
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What are some Famous places in Venezuela?

Canaima National Park, Merida, Los Roques, Angel Falls, Margarita Island, Puerto La Cruz.

Where is Waikiki beach in Venezuela?

In Puerto Caballo

What country is south of Puerto Rico?

Venezuela. Fact: Venezuela is located in South America.

Places in Venezuela?

Caracus, Puerto Cabello, Barquisimeto.

Zip code puerto la cruz anzoategui Venezuela?

Puerto La Cruz Zip Code: 6023

What has the author Margarita M de Garza written?

Margarita M. de Garza has written: '1851-1951, primer centenario de Puerto Vallarta, Jal'

Who has the most Miss Universe titles?

USA, followed by Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

Where is Puerto Rico in relation to other European countries?

Puerto Rico is not a European country. Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island to the south east of Florida and to the north of Venezuela.

What are the four major cities of Venezuela?

Caracas ~ capital Barcelona Barquisimento Ciudad Bolivar Ciudad Guayana Maracaibo Valencia

Where was Marwin Gonzalez born?

MLB player Marwin Gonzalez was born in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela.

Where was Wilking Rodriguez born?

MLB player Wilking Rodriguez was born in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela.

Where was Yoervis Medina born?

MLB player Yoervis Medina was born in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela.