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Vhat is the value of a 1944 Mexican cinco centavos coin?

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These are often found in circulated condition in coin dealers' misc. foreign coin bins for 25 cents.

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What is the value of a 1944 Mexican dies centavos coin?

Please re-check your date ... there were none of these dated 1944

What is the value of a 1944 Mexican ten centavos coin?

Please re-check your date ... there were none of these dated 1944

How much is a 1944 20 centavos Mexican coin worth?


What is the value of a 1944 US dime ten centavos?

The value of a US dime marked "ten centavos" is zero, since it is a fake. A real US dime is marked "one dime," not "ten centavos."

What is the value of a 1944 Philippine fifty centavos coin?

at $34.50 price of silver spot, it is worth $12.25 approximately.

How much silver in a 1944 20 centavos coin?

If it is a Philippines 1944 20 centavos coin then it is 75% silver and contains .0965 oz silver.

What is the value of a 1944 US twenty cent piece The one that I have says US 1944 on the front and twenty centavos filipicas on the back It's also made from silver?

First of all the US did not make 20 cents pieces in 1944. Also US coins do not say "Twenty centavos". So your coin is fake. Since it's fake it has no collector value. However if the coin is made of silver it has a silver value.

Does a 1944 one centavos filipinas exist?

Yes, I have one.

What is the value of a 1944 US nickel with eagle and shield in front and man and filipinas printed on back?

It's NOT a U.S. nickel. The coin is a 5 CENTAVOS coin dated 1944 from the Commonwealth of the Philippines issue. It has a average value of 25 cents.

What is a fifty centavos 1944 worth?

The 1944 fifty centavos coin comes from the Philippines. Online sellers and collectors are valuing the coin at around 1 to 15 dollars, depending on the quality of the coin.

How much silver in a 1944 50 centavos coin?

not much 5 bucks meltdown

What is a 1944 phillipino ten centavos coin worth?

about 5 US dollars or 200 Philippino Peso.

Is your 1944 twenty centavos filipinas coin worth anything?

It has almost a tenth of an ounce of silver in it so it's worth about a dollar from that. If it's in excellent condition, the numeric value is probably also a dollar .

What actors and actresses appeared in Mexican Sportland - 1944?

The cast of Mexican Sportland - 1944 includes: Knox Manning as Narrator

What is the value of a 1944?

sir i dont know what a "1944" is

Value of 1944 liberty dollar?

There is no 1944 liberty dollar. There is a 1944 liberty walking half dollar. The average value of these is about 10-12 dollars.

When did Lucha Reyes - Mexican singer - die?

Lucha Reyes - Mexican singer - died in 1944.

Where can you find value of Canadian coins?

value of a 1944 dime

What is the value of a 1944 US Filipinas fifty centavos?

It does have about 1/4 ounce of silver in it, so it is currently worth about $3.50 melt value. There were almost 20 million of them minted, so it is not considered a rare date to collectors, so to be worth significantly more, it would have to be in gem uncirculated condition -- like it was just minted yesterday.

What is the value of a 1944 5 centavos filipinas coin?

I have a 1939 M and its in ok shape and it runs around $3.50-$5.00. Depending on the shape it could run in up wards of $130-$150 if in uncirculated condition. So in general it is prob worth 3-5 bucks.

Where did the Mexican government face a revolt in 1944?

There was not such revolt in Mexico in 1944. At the time, Mexico was helping the United States on the Pacific theatre during WW2.

What is value of military rifles - 1944 series?

Your question is like asking "What is the value of automobiles - 1944 series?". It can't be answered without more information

Value of 1944 dime?

$1 in circulated condition.

How much is a 1944 s US 1 centavo filipinas coin worth?

The US never made a "1 centavo filipinas" coin. The US makes cents not centavos. Mexico is one country that has used centavos. Try determining another country of origin.

Value of British Pound in 1944?

One Pound GBP in 1944 had the purchasing power of about £29.34 GBP today.