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Ville valo married?

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Ville Valo is not married to Aimee Todd. Ville confirmed that he is not married in an Estonian interview. This interview broadcast on Estonian TV3 News in July 2010 before the upcoming HIM concert in Tallinn, where the band will perform as a headliner (July 15 2010) @ Õllesummer Festival 2010.

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Did ville valo say that he is married?

He is not married.

Is ville valo engaged?

no he is married

When did Ville Valo get married?

he is single

Is the lead singer Ville Valo of the group HIM married?

He is married to Aimee Todd Valo.

Where did ville valo and aimee todd meet?

Ville Valo is not married to Aimee Todd. Ville wants his love life private!

Why is Ville Valo covering up marriage to Aimee Todd?

Ville Valo is not married to Aimee Todd. Ville wants his love life private!

Ville valo sex?

Ville is a man with gf or they might be married by now.

Who is aimee todd?

She is married to Ville Valo, the lead man of HIM.

Is Ville Valo racist?

no ville valo is not a racist, if you watch some ville valo footage you will see him making out with black girls.

What nicknames does Ville Valo go by?

Ville Valo goes by Rakohammas.

What is the birth name of Ville Valo?

Ville Valo's birth name is Ville Hermanni Valo.

Who is ville valo's girlfriend?

Ville is NOT married to aimee todd or anyone else. Go to for real answers to this question. Ville Valo is married to aimee todd Ville is now married Ville is married to todd since 2009

Is ville valo single?

No..He is married to Aimee Todd. Since 2009.

When was Ville Valo born?

Ville Valo was born on November 22, 1976.

Why was Ville Valo in rehab?

Ville Valo went into Rehab in Florida in 2007 for his addiction to alcohol.

Is Ville Valo a vegan?

== == Ville Valo is not a vegan; he just doesn't eat red meat.

Does Ville Valo have a girlfriend?

No. Valo is single - 2010

Who is Ville Valo's wife?

It is rumored that Ville Valo is married to Aimee Todd. she has had an article written about her by a journalist, not on ville or marriage. Herself only. Ville does like to keep his life secretive.

Does ville valo have a girlfrind?


Did ville valo?

Yes, he did!!

Does Ville Valo have a son?


What is the sexual orientation of Ville Valo?

Ville Hermanni Valo has never publicly discussed his sexual orientation.

What is ville valos real name?

Ville Hermann Valo.

Does ville valo has a wife?

He is married to Aimee Todd Valo. Since December 2009. She was seen walking out of Hot Topic with him in New Jersey by many fans.

How big is ville valo?

If you are referring to "How tall is Ville Valo?", he is about 6'3". Second opinion: I think he is actually only 6'1.