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Vitamins don't prevent pregnancy.

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Q: Vitamins to prevent pregnancy
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Can prenatal vitamins work better then birth control?

Prenatal vitamins are to make sure you have enough vitamins and minerals to support a pregnancy. Birth control is to prevent pregnancy. They have different purposes. Birth control does not support a pregnancy, and prenatal vitamins do not prevent pregnancy.

Can marijuana prevent pregnancy?

no it can't prevent pregnancy

Does prenatal vitamins cause you to miss your period?

No prenatal vitamins do not cause you to miss your period - they are vitamins, thus have no influence on your menstrual cycle. Consider that if prenatal vitamins did cause you to miss your period (which would only happen if you missed ovulation) then they would prevent pregnancy, this work against those who were taking them!

Can bv prevent pregnancy?

BV won't prevent pregnancy.

Does the bipolar drug lithium prevent pregnancy?

Lithium does NOT prevent pregnancy.

Can hot water prevent pregnancy?

NO ! ONLY contraception or abstinence can prevent pregnancy !

Why is that starch prevent pregnancy?

Starch as in pasta, potatoes etc? That does not prevent pregnancy.

Is cytotec good to prevent pregnancy?

No. Cytotec can be used for abortion but not to prevent pregnancy.

Can you take vit tablet during 6th week of pregnancy?

You mean vitamins? There are prenatal vitamins you should take during pregnancy. Speak to your doctor.

What vitamins should you consume when you are on a pregnancy diet for women?

During pregnancy, you need the same vitamins (and minerals) as at other times: those found in multivitamin tablets. However, the amounts of some vitamins that you need change with pregnancy, so you should definitely consult your doctor.

Does yaz prevent pregnancy?

Yaz is a birth control pill. It is intended to prevent pregnancy.

Do pregnancy vitamins help your hair grow?

heck no