Updated: 12/23/2022
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Meaning of primary skills?

Primary skill

Primary skills needed in tourism industry?

good communication skills

What do you mean by primary?

The main skills a person has.

How many skills do you have on World of Warcraft?

U can pick 2 primary skills and as many secondry skills u like. Primary include: (Minning, skinning) Secondry include: (First aid)

What do you mean by primary skill?

The main skills a person has.

The primary place where young people gain new skills and demonstrate other skills is through?


What skills are needed for jobs in accounting?

The primary requirement is good math skills, attention to detail, a good memory and problem solving skills. Accounting jobs can also require people, computer and analytical skills.

How do you make a sentence out of the word primary?

Many critical skills are learned in the primary grades. My primary reason for taking the classes is to earn a raise at work. The primary colors are red, blue and yellow. After winning the primary, he seems like a strong candidate for mayor.

Where are centers for control of the motor repetitious or stereotyped motor skills are found?

Primary Motor

What skills learned in school are helpful to become a doctor?

First aid is the lesson in primary school

Do you have to be good at English to be an architect?

Not really. If you have architectural skills, then you are very employable, regardless of you primary language.

What has the author P Avann written?

P. Avann has written: 'Information skills in primary schools'