WHAT IS THE purpose of a suspension bridge?

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The purpose of a suspension bridge is to carry traffic across a body of water without the use of too many legs. Let's say two cities are separated by a river. Naturally, the governments would want to build a bridge over the water, to connect the two cities more easily.

Then they realize that under the river, the terrain is very rough and deep. Instead of spending billions of dollars on leveling the terrain to accommodate the bridge legs, they decide to build one main vertical support on each side of the river. They have vertical cables (held by horizontal cables strung between the towers) supporting the bridge where there are no legs, thus eliminating the need for legs or the risk of bad support in the center of the bridge, already being the weakest.
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How does a suspension bridge work?

Suspense . Imagine two 90 0 triangles back to back with their bases horizontal making a straight line. The bases are half of the bridge; one of the two sides is supporting the weight of the bridge the other is anchored to a solid point.. The weight of the bridge is pulling the apexes of the ( Full Answer )

What is the longest suspension bridge in the US?

The longest suspension Bridge in the US is the Verrazano-Narrows. The Bridge Crosses the Narrows and connects the Broughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn, NY. The length of the bridge is 4,260' and (1,289m) It has 12 lanes 6 on the upper deck and 6 on the lower deck. The toll to go on the bridge is $1 ( Full Answer )

What is the oldest suspension bridge in Canada?

You should define your question before or after Europian settlement in North America.. There were some outstanding native built suspension bridges built without metal or cable before white settlers arrived.. Noteabley the Hagwilget bridges.

How much can a suspension bridge hold?

normally a suspension bridge can hold up to 8,000lbs atonce, but if the bridge is very long it might hold less because thelonger the bridge to weaker it is. if the bridge is short it canhold up to 10,000lbs at once because it is short and can hol morewieght. even if your bridge has extra layers on i ( Full Answer )

What are the dangers of suspension bridges?

Although suspension bridges are among the longest bridges, and most are well-built, the design does include features that make them more susceptible to failure. Rather than a rigidly-connected skeleton, a cable bridge is held in place by its own weight, which maintains a constant tension. The cab ( Full Answer )

Advantages and disadvantages of suspension bridges?

It is good that they are flexible, however when very bad weatherhappens it can be bad. They are also bad for heavy loads. Twoadvantages are that they can be built high and they do not requirea lot of material to be built.

Who designed the Clifton suspension bridge?

Isambard Kingdom Brunel created the original design, however he died before work on the bridge was completed and some modifications to the design were made by William Henry Barlow and Sir John Hawkshaw.

Who invented suspension bridges?

The Inca people were the first to build a suspension bridge. The date of when they started building them is unknown but it predates 1532.

What are suspension bridges?

It is a type of bridge that is built by suspending the roadway from cables attached to a master cable, which runs above the length of the bridge. In addition to being strong and lightweight, suspension bridges are also beautiful, and some of the most famous bridges in the world are also suspension b ( Full Answer )

What is a suspension bridge?

a bridge that is suspended between 2 stone bridges, over a water mass, usually a river. It has 2 rope railings and 3 for the walkway.

What advantages and disadvantages of an suspension bridge?

The advantage of suspension bridge is it has both the benefit of fixed support and hinged support. If the bridge is continuous then slight settlement of one support will cause a huge increase of negative moment in another support. If the bridge is simply supported then the positive moment will be hu ( Full Answer )

What is the oldest suspension bridge in the US?

Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct built in 1847 is the oldest wiresuspension bridge still in service in United States. The ChainBridge at Falls of Schuylkill, north of Philadelphia was built in1808 but it collapsed in 1810.

Why is the Brooklyn bridge a suspension bridge?

Advantages over other bridge types . Longer main spans are achievable than with any other type of bridge . Less material may be required than other bridge types, even at spans they can achieve, leading to a reduced construction cost . Except for installation of the initial temporary cables, l ( Full Answer )

What makes a suspension bridge strong?

First of all triangles are most probably the strongest shape and the suspension bridge has lots of triangles. Second of all it has posts next to the posts (attached to each other by steel rope) that makes a triangle shape. (it can be rounded too)

What is the major problem for suspension bridges?

The major problem for suspension bridges is corrosion of thecables. The cables are the things that hold the bridge suspended inthe air, probably the most important aspect.

Is the Oresund Bridge a suspension bridge?

The Oresund Bridge is a Cable-stayed bridge. The primary difference between a suspension bridge and a cable stayed bridge is the load bearing structure. In suspension bridges, this is the cable itself, which transfers the load into large structures set into the earth at the ends of the bridge. ( Full Answer )

What is the widest suspension bridge?

The widest suspension bridge in the world is the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge in Boston, MA, USA. It is 10 car lanes wide, spanning 183 feet.

Why are suspension bridges the longest bridges?

The longest bridges in the world are viaducts or trestle bridges. It is easier to design a high, elevated roadway by directly supporting it with many towers or piers (as in a viaduct or trestle bridges). It is more difficult to design an elevated roadway with a large unobstructed span (as in a susp ( Full Answer )

Where can you find a suspension bridge?

Local examples- New York City area- On the Hudson- George Washington Bridge. On the East River, Brooklyn(l882) Manhattan ( over l00) and Williamsburg are traditional suspension spans. Both the Golden Gate and the San Francisco- Oakland Bay Bridge are also of this type.

Is the Golden Gate Bridge a suspension bridge?

Yes. It was once the longest suspension bridge ever built, with a 4,200 foot-long suspension bridge (this is the portion of a suspension bridge located between the towers)

Is suspension bridges safe?

yes because their flexible so they don't break as easily and their very flexible because of their cables (this is just my opinion)

Is London Bridge a suspension bridge?

No, London Bridge (not to be confused with Tower Bridge) is a prestressed concrete box girder bridge. For more information, please see the related link.

What are pros and cons of suspension bridges?

Suspension Bridges were used widely in the late 1700's and continue to be popular even today. They span only short distances, but are used primarily for their strength and ability to have wider roads which is neccesary for larger cities.

Why do suspension bridges sway?

the bridges sway because they are only held by ropes and when the wind is blowing it blows on the plates in the bridge itself. to understand this more, go on you tube and type in the Tacoma narrows

What is the longest suspension bridge in the worlds?

The longest suspension bridge origonaly was the Macinac Bridge, but a huge earthquae in Japan made the Akashi Kaikyo stretch, so that's the lonest suspension bridge in th world. Websites for these bridge (TYPE ON GOOGLE!) Akashi Kaikyo: Bridges Buildng Big (The first one on Google) Macina ( Full Answer )

What is an advantage and disasvantage of a suspension bridge?

Advantages: * It can be built over water, it can also be built high which lets ships travel under. * It is very flexible, which allows it to withstand earthquakes and powerful winds * Disadvantages: * ** The flexibility is also a disadvantage because it can not take extreme heavy ( Full Answer )

Is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge a suspension bridge?

The two central spans, the highest parts of the bridge, are suspension spans. The part over the eastern channel is a cantilever span. The rest is composed of deck truss spans and concrete beam spans.

Which is largest suspension bridge in India?

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What are suspensions bridges strengths and weakness?

Suspension bridges are great for long distances and can span up too 7000 ft.! It s great for Long distances and its light weight. But its terrible under high winds . its very very flexible

Who created the suspension bridge design?

The first bridges resembling the modern suspension bridge were built in Tibet and Bhutan by the Tibetan architect and engineer Thangtong Gyalpo.

What is the description of a suspension bridge?

There were 2 towers, and cables would be hanging from the towers. Hangers(or stringers) would be hanging from the cables. The hangers and the towers combined would hold up the deck which at the side, gets connected to the anchor. On top of the anchor is the anchorage, which holds up the cables from ( Full Answer )

When is a suspension bridge usually used?

A suspension bridge is usually used when the distance between ground anchor points is too great for a cantilevered bridge to support its own weight, and there is not enough room under the road span for an arched bridge. A large distance between ground anchor points can be for many reasons; becaus ( Full Answer )

What are suspension bridge?

a suspension bridge is a bridge whose roadway is suspended by cables that are usually supported by intervals by towers and anchored at either end.

How did the suspension bridge get its name?

Suspension bridges are held, or suspended, from cables above theroadway's surface. This contrasts with bridges whose roadways aresupported from underneath.

How are beam and suspension bridges alike?

Beam and suspension bridges both perform the same function, which is to provide a route by which vehicles and/or pedestrians can easily pass across a river, a gorge, or any other such obstacle to their travel.

What differentiates suspension bridges from normal bridges?

Suspension bridges are built to make use of tension, whereas most other types of bridges make use of compression to bear their load. Suspension bridges are usually designed with the deck suspended below a series of towers by cables. Other types of bridges are generally either designed with the deck ( Full Answer )

Where is the Clifton Suspension Bridge located?

Clifton Suspension Bridge is located near Clifton in Bristol. It spans the Avon Gorge and the river Avon and links Clifton with Leigh Woods in North Somerset, England.