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When mailing PHI you should and hellip (choose all that apply)?

use registered mail & mark the package with "private inforamtion"

Should phi theta kappa national honor society be capitalized in a sentence?

Yes. It should be Phi Theta KappaNatio nal Ho nor Society.

Where should PHI and PII be stored?

then eat the poo

PHI Minimum Necessary Standard?

An organization should limit the use or disclosure of PHI to minimum necessary to accomplish the intended purpose.

Phi phi intersection phi equals phi a true statement?


What should one know before they Buy a Mailing list?

People should know who they want to reach. Also the budget they want to spend on the mailing list is important. They can find more information on buying a mailing list on the website of Small Business.

When was Phi Delta Phi created?

Delta Phi was created on 1827-11-17.

How is the golden ratio worked out?

(a+b)/a=a/b=phi (the golden ratio, as defined) (a+b)/a=phi (we'll solve this equation) 1+b/a=phi (just changing the form of the left side a little) 1+1/phi=phi (a/b=phi so b/a=1/phi) phi+1=phi2 (multiply both sides by phi) phi2-phi-1=0 (rearrange) From here, we can use the quadratic equation to find the positive solution: phi=(-b+√(b2-4ac))/(2a) phi=(1+√(1+4))/2 phi=(1+√5)/2≈1.618

What actors and actresses appeared in Phi-Phi - 1927?

The cast of Phi-Phi - 1927 includes: Rita Jolivet as Madame Fidias

What is power set of power set of an empty set?

It is the set comprising the following 4 elements:phi,{phi},{{phi}} and{phi, {phi}}

How do you calculate cos phi -1?

cos(phi - 1) = cos(phi)cos(1) + sin(phi)sin(1)

Where is the island of Ko Phi Phi located?

The island of Ko Phi Phi is located in Thailand. Specifically, this island is located between Phuket and the Andaman Sea which sits west of the mainland. Ko Phi Phi is in the Krabi province.