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Q: WHAt was on what connection between Thomas Jefferson and john Locke?
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Who did Thomas Jefferson base his unalienable rights to?

John Locke influenced Thomas Jefferson about inalienable rights.

Did John Locke or Thomas Jefferson say the pursuit of happiness?

Thomas Jefferson

How were the idea of John Locke and Thomas Jefferson similar?

Jefferson used Locke for the Declaration of Independence.

Who used ideas from john Locke to write the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson Answer mine? What did John Locke write that Thomas Jefferson used in writing the declaration of independence

What is the role of thomas Jefferson in relation to Locke and Hobbes and the social contract?

Jefferson read Locke and put his thinking in the Declaration .

Did John Locke influence Thomas Jefferson?


Who used ideas from John Locke?

Thomas Jefferson

What are the difference between John Locke and Thomas Jefferson?

john Locke had natural rights while Thomas Jefferson had inalienable rights. Many scholars contemplate the different between John Locke's famous quote of "life, liberty and property" while Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". The controversy surrounding their similar yet different quotes is because many believe that Thomas Jefferson originally quoted John Locke but was then told to change "property" to "pursuit of happiness" during the editing of his speech.

Whose ideas did Jefferson draw upon while drafting the delcaration of Independence?

John Locke my friend, john Locke

What was Thomas Jefferson's role in the constitution?

Thomas Jefferson was the author of the Declaration. He drafted his ideas from John Locke.

Who did Thomas Jefferson get ideas from for the declaration of Independence?

The ideas of John Locke and Thomas Paine influenced the writing of the Declaration of Independance.

What was the single most importance influence on Thomas Jefferson's draft of the declaration of independence?

Philosopher john Locke's ideas were an important influence on the Thomas Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence