WHO made red bottom shoes?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Christian Louboutin

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Q: WHO made red bottom shoes?
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Who made the first tap shoes?

well, flying monkey were the first animals to make them :) but the first person who made them was your mom!!

Why does louis XIV wear red high heeled shoes in Hyacinthe rigaud's portrait?

Contrary to the fashion of today, when it is women who wear high heels, in Louis XIV's era, it was perfectly normal for wealthy, upper class men to wear them. Louis especially wanted heels, because for a man of his time, he was short in height (perhaps five feet four) and heels made him look more dominant and imposing. The red color stood for the military, and in a number of countries, soldiers wore red (remember the British troops-- the Redcoats-- in the Revolutionary War).

What color is a brick?

Man made bricks are usually red or black or grey. This is just the way people paint them.

Who made up the color red?

Colours have always existed due to the variation within the visable light spectrum. Who actually named the colour we now call red is anyone's guess. I don't believe there is written record of who named the colours.

In the 1990s what was the fashion style?

It was old school clothing and having your hair long was very fashionable, blouses and jeans were famous for women. Men wore jeans and a normal button type like many do today. Women's shoes were high heels or if you did not fancy wearing high shoes, laced dolly shoes were fashionable. Studded earrings and studded noses were famous to have for women. Jewelry was mainly in the late 1990's. Words you may not know: Dolly shoes ( flat floor shoes ) studded (when you get something pierced like for earrings ) If you don't understand other words, look in a dictionary.

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Where to get red bottom studded shoes?

Red Bottom Shoes -

How do you make sonic shoes?

go buy red spray paint, then get a pair of white shoes , spray the red paint at the end of the shoe ,then spray the back of the shoe red. then spray the bottom of the shoes red. then put a piece of yellow tape over where is goes on sonics shoes. there you have it perfect sonic shoes.

Is Chevy Chase wearing Prada shoes in community?

yes you can see the red stripe on the bottom of his shoes

Where are red wing shoes made?

red wing minnisota

Who made the red shoes in the special k ad?

These shoes are Jimmy Choo.

The first soccer cleats were made of?


Why are shoes red and blue?

Because they were made in the USA?

Where can one purchase a pair of Chris Louboutin Red Bottom shoes?

There are many companies and websites that offer Chris Louboutin shoes with red bottoms. Some of the websites that offer the shoes are Chris Louboutin's website and Saks.

Does Mickey Mouse wear suspenders?

He wears suspenders that are red at the bottom and the straps are black with yellow buttons. His shoes are also yellow.

When were Red Wing brand work shoes developed?

Red Wing first made its Red Wing brand work shoes designed for specific occupations in the United States in 1905

What is the difference between tap shoes and clogging shoes?

Tap shoes have a metal piece on the bottom, which is screwed into the shoe. So when you tap, you get a sound. They are generally made of plastic. Clogging shoes are made of wood. They make a hollow sound when you get them to produce noise.

What does Christian louboutin do on the bottom of her shoes?

First, Christian Louboutin is a male. All of the bottoms of his shoes have red leather soles, which are also stamped with his name. I hope that helps.