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WHo is the highest paid assistant coach in the NFL?


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Monte Kiffin is the highest paid assistant coach in the NFL as of 2014. His contract had a value of 5.1 million dollars.

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The Average for a NFL assistant coach is around 200,000 to 400,000 a year

Each assistant coach for the NFL has a different salary. Most of the assistant coach's salary begin at $400,000.

The highest paid NFL coach is Bill Billichick, earning over 9 million but the super bowl winning coach earns as much as 12 million

As of 5/21/2012 it is $6,000,000 per season. Was just on the news. He's the 8th highest paid coach in the NFL.

NFL assistant coaches are usually paid anywhere between $150 thousand and $400 thousand depending on how good of a coach they are and how respected they are in the league.

The average salary for an assistant coach in the NHL is $200,000 per year. The average salary for an assistant coach in the NFL is $350,000 to $400,000 per year.

LaDainian Tomlinson is the highest paid running back in the NFL as of the 2004 season. He is paid $5.5 million, and is expected to be paid $6.5 in 2005.

Here is a list for the top 15 highest paid NFL players for the 2010 season, with Peyton Manning on top.

Jevon Kearse had the highest paid NFL salary in 2004

Joe Thomas is the highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL. He is making $8.6M per year.

Jim Carson,falcons, and he is 85 or 86

According to a March 8, 2008 article in the Washington Post, Mike Holmgren of the Seattle Seahawks is the highest paid NFL head coach at $8 million. In comparison, Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants signed a 4 year deal for $21 million after winning Super Bowl XLII.

No ... Reid's only gig in the NFL prior to becoming head coach of the Eagles in 1999 was as an assistant coach with the Packers from 1992-1998.

The referees in an NFL game have a very difficult job in calling the game they are assigned to. The highest paid among the referees is unknown.

Ryan Pontbriand of the Cleveland Browns is currently the highest-paid long snapper in the NFL. He receives a salary of $4,755,000.

They are paid the most in the NFL because they are the most sucesssful team in the NFL and they are awesome.

About $2, and they get paid an extra $1 for winning the Superbowl?

The second highest paid position in the NFL is actually the left offensive tackle at an average yearly salary of $5.5 million. Why so much? Because he has the job of protecting the blind side of the highest paid player in the NFL, the quarterback.

Terrell Owens and Randy Moss are the highest paid receivers in the NFL. -----The wide receiver with the highest salary in 2006 was Reggie Wayne of the Indianapolis Colts with a salary of $15,000,000.

Oklahoma has no NFL team.No black NFL head coach has been a native of Oklahoma, although 3 were born in Texas. The hometowns of assistant coaches are not immediately available.

as of 2010, the highest paid rookie is Sam Bradford who signed a $41 million contract

I think Mathew Stafford is the highest paid NFl rookie at the moment. he signed around a 75 million dollar deal with the Lions.

A typical NFL Staff has the following coaches: Head Coach Assistant Head Coach Offensive Coordinator Defensive Coordinator Special Teams Coach Running Backs Coach Receivers Coach Offensive Line Coach Defensive Line Coach Linebackers Coach Quarterback Coach Cornerbacks Coach Safeties Coach Tight Ends Coach Strength and Conditioning Coach In addition teams can have various assistant coaches who help by performing various duties during the season.

the highest pay team is the new England patriots

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