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New England is the northeastern region of the United States, consisting of the states Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. It is a region with a strong cultural identity, much of which stems from its history as an early English settlement.

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Was New York a New England colony?

No, New York is considered part of the middle colonies, along with Pennslyvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. The New England colonies were New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. (Later New England states include Vermont and Maine.) Answer add the south colony states were Maryland Virginia n. and s. Carolina + Georgia Actually, it is much more gray than a simple yes or no. To die hard Massachusettans, NY will never be part of New England. This is because, once upon a time, New York...
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Where is New England?

It is in the northeastern United States. It's in the north eastern United States, made up of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, and New Hampshire. New England is the northeastern portion of the United States. It is named New England because it was where the English came when they first reached the New World and settled there; they named it after their home. ...
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How much does it cost to ship a f80 treadmill to New England?

For instance it would rather depends on where this product is from, and the prices can vary from between 1499 to 6900 as we are talking about f80 treadmill. And this is an expensive equipment. ...
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What is the value of a 20 gauge New England Firearms Pardner model SB1?

In "good" condition the gun in question would have an approximate retail value of $125. ...
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How where the new England towns settled?

A congregation settled the town and divided the land among the members of its church. =) ...
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What was the economy of the New England colonies?

Although some New England farmers exported grain and livestock, many could barely feed themselves and their families because the poor soil made farming difficult. New Englanders therefore turned to alternative occupations. For instance, they engaged in trading with the West Indies, and developed fishing, small manufacturing, and shipbuilding industries. ...
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How was the New England colony arranged?

The colony would start with a group home and a place to defend the colony. Then gradually individuals would build homes and the group home could become a church. ...
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Is New England Gas And Electric Association which issued shares forty four years ago now part of NSTAR?

NEGEA was a company with gas and electric holdings in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Due to regulations that required a company with both gas and electric holdings be entirely within one state, the company divested itself of its holdings outside of Massachusetts. Through a series of mergers and reorganizations, various companies such as Provincetown Electric, New Bedford Gas and Edison Light Company,Cambridge Electric Light Company, Plymouth County Electric and others became Commonwealth Electric and Commonwealth Gas. These companies merged with Boston Edison and became...
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What states make up New England?

New England is made up of 6 states: * Maine * Vermont * New Hampshire * Massachusetts * Connecticut * Rhode Island See Related Links for a map of New England ...
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What was the entertainment in the New England colonies?

Answer They had hopscotch, jumprope, taverns, dancing, singing, etc.
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What is another name for the northeastern United States?

The northeastern region of the US is referred to as New England.
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What colonies are in the New England colonies?

Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island New Hampshire
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What states are the New England states?

All states east of the Hudson river: Maine, Vermont, New Hamphire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut All states east of the Hudson river: Maine, Vermont, New Hamphire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. ...
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Which presidents were born in New England?

John Adams (MA) John Quincy Adams (MA) Franklin Pierce (NH) Calvin Coolidge (VT) John F. Kennedy (MA) George H.W. Bush (MA) George W. Bush (CT) and also Chester A. Arthur (VT) ...
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Is New England in the England colony?

The Puritans left the country of England to settle in the New England region of North America. A large majority of the early settlers of New England were of English descent. ...
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Is Great Britain the same thing as new England?

Great Britain is a country off the northwest coast of mainland Europe. New England is six states in northeastern United States of America. ...
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New England exported its products to?

England, Europe, and West Indies
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Why did the New England farmers practice subsistence farming?

The soil of new England wasn't very fertile so farmers practiced subsistence farming so they could survive. ...
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What were the New England Colonies?

The new New England colonies were maine new hampshire massachusetts and connecticut After the revolution, these colonies became states; Vermont was established as a state (it had been claimed by New Hampshire and New York), and Maine , previously part of Massachusetts, became a separate state as part of the Missouri Compromise. These six states constitute the region that is now called New England. The 13 colonies were North and South Carolina, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire,...
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Why was the literacy level so high in New England?

Because the puritans had long supported public education, party to make it possible for every one to read the bible. ...