Updated: 9/26/2023
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Yes but in smaller amounts than diesel and gasoline. Burning LPG is said to result in lesser hydrocarbon emissions. It is known to be lesser by almost 70% in comparison with diesel and 40% in comparison with petrol.

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What is an LPG mearox unit?

LPG Merox unit is a process of treatment for LPG to remove poisonous impurities like Mercaptanes and Sulphur and to make it pollution free.

How much pollution does an average factory emit in Maryland?

a lot

When does a car emit the most pollution?

When the engine is cold or when it is misfiring.

Why are LPG and biogas called clean fuels?

They cause less air pollution and are more eco- friendly.

Vehicles emit pollutants into the air Which vehicles has the highest pollution emissions?


Why CNG considered an environmental friendly fuel?

because CNG does not cause of any pollution and does not emit carbon.

Does nuclear power hurt the environmont?

No, nuclear power maintains environment non pollution as it does emit green house gases and do not contribute to global warming and environment pollution.

How does mobile pollution effect individual people?

Mobile pollution is caused from the exhausts from cars. The exhausts emit carbon monoxide (CO) which causes respiratory disorders such as asthma and bronchitis in people.

Compare LPG and Wood as fuel?

LPG----1. Lpg produces harmful gases in very small is a cleaner fuel. wood-----------1.burning of wood gives a lot of smoke which is very harmful for human causes respiratory problems. Health Hazards of wood smoke are 1000"s time greater then LPG

In what year did Dorian LPG Ltd - LPG - have its IPO?

Dorian LPG Ltd. (LPG)had its IPO in 2014.

How many nm3 of lpg makes 1 kg of lpg?

How many nm3 of lpg makes 1 kg of lpg

What is the market cap for Dorian LPG Ltd LPG?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Dorian LPG Ltd. (LPG) is $1,268,252,566.80.