Walkthrough for Pokemon diamond?

first go downstairs. walk out the door. your mom will say something and you go out. walk to the big house.go in. your friend will go back in. go upstairs in the house. talk to your friend.go outside and up. go left into the trees. people will walk past you. go to the case. choose a pokemon. i suggest to pick turtwig. battle the attacking pokemon. go out of the lake area. go right and talk to the people. you will go home. you will get running shoes. go outside and up. go right. go in the lab. you will earn your pokemon. take the tour and go home. heal your pokemon. go past the lab up into the grass. you will learn to catch pokemon. go up and beat trainers. keep going and go to the city. go to the trainer school and talk to your friend. go out and talk to the clowns. there are three. answer the questions. go to the purple man. you'll get a poketch. go right. battle your friend. go right until you go to a cave. go through. at the end go out and go down to the mine. talk to the person in between boulders. go out. i suggest you train in there. go to the gym. beat the gym leader. go back to jublife city. go up. beat bad guys.go up. go through cave. go to flormora town. go right beat badguy. go back to flowmora. go up through trees. beat badguy. go back to windworks. open door. beat master. go up bridge. go up. go in forest. go through. go across bridge. beat gym. go to tower. beat it.go to bike shop. get bike. go down and do what told. go down. go on path. on other side go through mountain. go right. at hearthome go to contest. talk to mom. go out and down. go right. go through. at solecoon go up. go through. at veilstone beat gym.go to warehouse. win. go in. get item. go to big place. beat it. go down. go through. ask someone else the rest.