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No thanks, I do not want to shift to 3rd gear or drive.

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Q: Want shift to third gear or drive?
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Shift from first to second gear?

Yep, then shift from second to third gear.

Is it safe to drive a stick shift it skip second gear?

If stick shift jumps outta second gear is it okay to drive the car?

Sometimes Gear shift want move from park position to drive position. it intermittantly works?

The place of something

Shift lever will not lock into a gear?

700r4 gear shift lever want lock in place

97 Chevy z71 truck wont shift into 3rd gear?

97 Chevy Z71 truck will not shift into third gear.

Why does a 1983 Honda CT110 chatter in third gear only third gear at any speed up shift or down?

Third gear could have a broken tooth, chipped tooth or bent tooth on the gear and only makes a noise when it has drive pressure applied to it, so either way when pressure is applied it makes a noise.

What happens if you shift to drive from lower gear while pressing gas will anything happen to da transmission?

the transmission will shift to higher gear

How can a car have paddle shifters and a manual transmission?

The Pagani Huayra has paddle shifters mounted behind the wheel but also has a stick shift manual in the standard location for a stick shift. But if you shift with the paddle then want to shift with the manual stick, how does that work? Because you can technically be in second in the stick, then paddle into third, then stick back into third or whatever you want. The gear that you put the paddle into won't correspond to the gear that the stick is in. How does this work?

Is it bad for the car engine if you change third gear to second gear in 30mph?

If would not be bad for a car engine to shift from third to second gear if you are traveling at 30mph.

I have a 1985 dodge conversion van makes a noise in fourth gear can i just drive in third gear since fourth gear is over drive?

Sure if you want to use lots of fuel and put extra wear on the engine.

Plymouth Voyager transmission will not shift into third?

On my 1990 Voyager, the transmission has a "safe," or "limp" mode. If something is wrong with the trans, it will not shift out of second gear. This is supposedly to allow you to drive to the repair shop at a reduced speed.

What do these mean PRND32L?

It is the transmission gear selector. P = Park R = Reverse N = Neutral D = Drive 3 = Third Gear 2 = Second Gear L = Low Gear or First Gear Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Third Gear, Second Gear, Low Gear

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