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Want word do you use for a clever person?

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In the US, we often call a clever person a fox. We also say"that person is dumb like a fox" Meaning the person pretends to be unintelligent to serve his own purpose while he is really intelligent. The word clever has a conotation that goes beyond smart or intelligent. It encompassses a person with both brains and the savvy or ability to use it in a way that is quick, witty and endearing.

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The word 'clever' is an adjective, a word that describes a noun as quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas; skillful, smart.He had a clever solution to the problem.Any more clever ideas?A clever student will use a dictionary.

1. She is a clever girl. 2. What a clever remark. 3. Jerry must be pretty clever since he got Kiley to admit her logic was flawed.

He was clever, handsome and exceedingly rich.

The definition of wits is a clever kind of humour

The clever advertisements are enticing customers to buy the product.

Writing a sonnet about football is simple. You need to look up a scheme, figure out what you want to express, and then use your clever word play to fill out the template.

She was very clever in answering questions on the test.

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You use the word has when you are talking about a different person in a singular way. You use the word is when you are talking about a person in the present tense.

Harold's solution was original and rather clever.

John appeared in my house out of nowhere because he was a clever magician

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Clever can only be used as an adjective. It's not any other part of speech.Examples:What a clever way of getting out of your homework.Ralf is a clever boy.

Eratosthenes was the first person to use it!

despicable The men were despicable toward the female captives.

The adverb is apparently.Appear is a verb, as in "The boy appears to be clever.". If you want to use the adverbial version, the adverb must modify another verb as in "The boy is apparently clever" but the meaning is slightly different.

The first person to use the word "atom" to describe matter was the Greek philosopher Democritus.

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What works for my dogs is something I learned from a dog psychologist a number of years ago and it is to use a certain word/phrase the first time your puppy/dog goes to the bathroom. For example I always use 'clever boy/clever girl' and never use this phrase at any other time. When I get to the spot I want them to go to the bathroom I keep repeating 'clever boy' or 'clever girl' (I have one of each) and it works every single time. You just have to pick a word or phrase that you would not use for anything other than asking your dog to go to the toilet. Each time they do this, really emphasise the use of the word or phrase and keep repeating it to them in a loving and praising way. Dogs just love to please their owners so if they know you are really pleased by what they have done, they will repeat it whenever you give that command (providing they need to go of course!)

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