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Blood Clan

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Scourge is not part of a traditional clan in the Warrior Cats series. He leads a group of rogues known as BloodClan.

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Scourge is leader and founder of bloodclan, and they do not live with the forest cats, nor follow a code or believe in the starclan afterlife.

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Q: Warrior Cats What clan is Scourge in?
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In Warrior cats what does A scourge on the name of all good cats?

"A scourge on the name of all good cats" is a phrase used by the character Scourge in the Warriors series. It refers to his desire to bring chaos and destruction to the Clan cats, whom he views as a threat to his power. Scourge believes that by instilling fear in others, he can maintain control and prove his dominance.

Why is scourge in warrior cats is gay?

Scourge's sexuality is never explicitly stated in the Warrior Cats series. Some fans may interpret his relationships and interactions with other cats in a certain way, but the author, Erin Hunter, has not confirmed Scourge's sexual orientation.

Why is scourge in warrior cats a boy?

because it's call a cataboall

What clan is Backstar in on warrior cats?


What is the name of the clan where the warrior cats go when they die?

The clan where warrior cats go when they die is called StarClan. It is a group of the spirits of deceased warriors, leaders, and medicine cats who watch over and guide the living cats of the forest.

Is scourge a boy?

Yes, Scourge is a male character in the Warrior Cats book series by Erin Hunter. He is the leader of BloodClan.

How many cats should you have in a thunder clan?

I mean Thunder clan like from the warrior series but you should have 15-20 cats in that clan

Can you tell me the name of the legendary warrior of flame?

if you're talking about warrior cats, this is the easiest question yet! :p the legendary warrior, is firestar (his pelt is orange so he's called the legendary warrior of "flame"). he saved the clan from tigerstar's bloodthirsty quest for power, and killed the leader of a huge threat from bloodclan: scourge. but he's not done with saving the cats in the forest just yet......

When does warrior cats clan battles come out?

In may 2010

How many cats arein each warrior clan?

The size varies but ThunderClan has the biggest clan.

Who are scourge and ashfur's kits warrior cats?

Scourge does not have any kits as he never had a mate. Ashfur's kits are Fernsong, Hollytuft, and Larksong, born to him and Whitewing.

How do you make a backdrop for warrior cats clan things?

because it is silly