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Q: Was 22 cal auto Italian pistol sold by sears 1949?
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What was the first semi-auto pistol?

The first production semi auto pistol was the Mauser c/96 "broomhandle" pistol.

What is 45 auto?

.45 ACP means auto cartridge pistol ( I believe they spelled it pistole though). The .45 auto just means it is an autoloading pistol unlike the revolver style pistol.

Does Sears auto do break servicing?

Sears Auto does break servicing. Sears will run your vehicle through tests to evaluate your vehicles breaks

Can you use 45 auto ammunition in a 45 acp pistol?

.45 ACP means Automatic Colt Pistol. It IS .45 Auto.

What is the Browning Fabrique 25 auto pistol?

Small vest pocket pistol

Does Sears do auto repairs on most types of vehicles?

Sears does do auto repairs on most types of vehicles. Sears does run repairs on most types of vehicles. Sears also performs maintenance and sells car parts.

Do you have a manual for a 32 auto pistol?


Browning 9MM Auto?

A fine pistol

What is the model for your browning 380 semi-auto pistol with serial?

They refer to this handgun as the browning model BDA (browning double action auto) pistol.

How old is my Colt25 semi auto pistol serial?

In order to tell how old your Colt 25 semi auto pistol is, you will need to offer the serial number. This number gives you an idea of when the pistol was manufactured.

What is the price range of a sab super auto 380 pistol?

The proper name of the maker is Renato Gamba S.A.B. Inexpensive current manufacture Italian handguns, about $250, depending on condition.

Is the palco 92 air pistol automatic?

It's semi auto not full auto.