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Alexander Hamilton was a friend of George Washington. Alexander Hamilton was the Secretary of Treasury under George Washington when he was President of the United States.


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yes, he did sign the constitution, he believed that states should be represented in the national legislature based on their population... he was one of Washington personal friend

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Alexander Hamilton: Alexander Hamilton was an aide for George Washington in the American army. He resigns from the army in December 1783. He finds the newspaper, New York Evening Post. In his philosophy of Federalism, he becomes the opposite of Thomas Jefferson. He returns to the army in 1798, to respond to the potential conflict with France, and is awarded the rank of Major General. He wages a hostile campaign against Aron Burr, for the privilege of running against Thomas Jefferson. Hamilton is widely quoted as calling Burr a 'dangerous man', and Burr responds by challenging Hamilton into a duel. In July 1804, they meet and Burr prevails.Hamilton dies the next day, and is buried at Trinity Church in New York City. He is forty-seven. In this short biography summarized by me, it shows that Hamilton was never a friend with Britain. (France supported America at Revolutionary War) ANSWER BY: RuNeQuEsTiOn

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Arron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel that they had. Some say that Alexander Hamilton purposely let Burr shoot him but it is not a known fact. Hamilton picked the same dueling site where his son had been killed in a duel they say that hamilton the mother and the sister where depressed after te sons death and the sister went into shock they say that hamilton picked that site for a reason and he did miss that shot on perpuss because he was writing out his will and telled a friend i do not intell to kill that man .

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