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No he was not you see Barry Bonds used steroids so therefore he cheated to get where he is now. There was talk about taking the home run king title away from him.

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yes he was a left handed hitter. he was one of the best left handed hitters in mlb history.

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Many people do consider Barry Bonds to be the best power hitter of all time.

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Q: Was Barry Bonds a left handed hitter?
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What handed is barry bonds?

Barry Bonds is left handed

Did Barry bonds throw with his left or right hand?

his right hand

When was Mike Hart - left-handed hitter - born?

Mike Hart - left-handed hitter - was born on 1958-02-17.

Is Morgan freeman left-handed?

Yes. Morgan Freman is a left-handed hitter, thrower, and a writer.

Was Mickey Mantle left handed?

he was both right handed and left swinging. he is what you call a switch hitter.

Was Babe Ruth a switch-hitter?

No.. Babe Ruth was a left handed hitter

What are baseball player Barry Bonds's physical stats?

Barry Bonds is 6 feet 1 inches tall. He weighs 185 pounds. He bats left and throws left.

What team did Barry Bonds play for?

Bonds played for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1986 to 1992 and the San Francisco Giants from 1993 to 2007.

Why choose a left handed pitcher to face a left handed batter?

As a general rule, in pressure situations managers seem to like having a left handed pitcher facing a left handed batter and a right handed pitcher facing a right handed batter. One explanation could be the angle the ball travels ... a curve ball from a left handed pitcher moves away from a left handed hitter while it moves towards a right handed hitter. Odds are a hitter is not going to hit a ball that is moving away as hard as is a hitter that has the ball moving in. Of course, if that curve ball moves to the center of the plate it is gonna get hammered regardless of whether a lefty or righty is batting.

When did Barry Bonds play for the giants?

Bonds, who made his major league debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1986, played for San Francisco from 1993 to 2007.

In baseball can a batter hit lefty and righty in the same at bat?

A batter that can hit right handed and left handed is called a switch hitter.

Why don't trophies ever have a left handed hitter on them?

Some do, but most are made in quantity so you get the right handed one.