Was Bon Scott a Satanist

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Although many of AC/DC's songs focus on inappropriate themes, including sex and excessive alcohol and drug consumption, Bon Scott was not a Satanist. Songs like "Highway to Hell" were written to pay tribute to the band's long, hard struggle touring across America's many highways and roads, for example.

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no he was a very strong christian but angus young is a really bad satanist he killed 20 people and stoned them them to death 6 times per person

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Q: Was Bon Scott a Satanist
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What was Bon Scott's nickname?

Bon Scott's nickname was "Bon."

Who was bon Scott's wife?

The name of Bon Scott's wife was Irene. Bon Scott was a member of the famous Australian band AC/DC.

What is Bon Scott's birthday?

Bon Scott was born on July 9, 1946.

How tall was bon Scott?

Bon Scott was approximately 5 ft. 8 inches in height. Bon was the lead singer of the famous band ACDC.

When was Bon Scott born?

Bon Scott was born on July 9, 1946 and died on February 19, 1980. Bon Scott would have been 33 years old at the time of death or 69 years old today.

What nicknames did Bon Scott go by?

John Bonham's most common nickname is referred to as "Bonzo"

What was Bon Scott's parents name?

Charles and Isabelle Scott.

Did Bon Scott or Dave Evans write the song Ride On?

On the album the song is credited to Bon Scott, Angus and Malcom.

Who is the real 1 and only son of bon Scott acdc singer?

ben Scott is the official son of former ac/dc singer bon scott

Who was the singer of ACDC?

Bon Scott was the singer. After Bon died Brian Johnson took over and is still the current singer.Dave Evans was the original lead singer, when ACDC first started recording.Singing lead on "Rockin' in the Parlour" & "Can I sit next to you Girl?"Bon Scott took over after Dave Evans allegedly got a bout of Stage fright, and they have never looked back.

Who is better Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?

I'de actually prefer Bon Scott but Brian Johnson was the best replacement. I have to go with Bon Scott. In terms of record sales it has to be BRIAN JOHNSON. In terms of popularity it has to be BON SCOTT.

What year did bon Scott die?