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Q: Was Haiti the country to vote Israel to become a state?
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Was haiti the last country to vote israel to become a state?

I am sure it is yes!

Was Guatemala the last country to vote Israel to become a state?


Is haiti a state or country?

It's a country

Who led the revolt that produced independence for the country of Haiti?

Francois-Dominique Toussaint-Louverture led Haiti to become the first independent state in Latin America.

Is haiti a state of America?

Haiti is an independent country in North America.

Is Haiti a big state?

Haiti is not a state, its a country. And it is not the largest place. It takes up about half of an island in the carribean

What northwest country is closest to Haiti?

The northwest country closest to Haiti is the United States. Specifically, the state of Florida is located to the northwest of Haiti.

Is Israel considered a country or a state?

Although it was founded under the title of "The State of Israel", Israel is considered a modern country. For most countries, the word "state" means the same thing as "country". Think of Israel as a country with only 1 state in it. So it can be called either word.

When did Israel become a counry?

The State of Israel was declared in 1948, although the country had been held as a British mandate since 1918. The borders have shifted regularly since.

What is the state of Judaism?


Is Israel an Arab country?

No. Israel is a considered to be the Jewish State. Palestine is considered an Arab country.

What country was Israel born in?

Israel is a country, so it cannot be born. The Modern State of Israel came out of the British Mandate for Palestine.