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Q: Was Jerry Garcia Connor on Roseanne her real life son?
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What was the best thing that Jerry Garcia did?

Live a truly authentic life.

Is roseanne connor lesbian?

no,she is a heterosexual,but Roseannes real life brother and sister are both gay.The family was brought up as mormuns,but are estrainged from each other. lets put it this way she swings both ways

Was Jerry Garcia married?

He was legally married 3 1962, (when he was only 20) to Sarah Katz, then throughout much of his earlier career to Carolyn "Mountain Girl" Adams-Garcia, and then later in life to Deborah Koons, who was his wife at the time he died. In the 8o's he was practically but not legally married to Manasha Matheson Garcia. He also had many girlfriends.

Did Jerry garcia use fingers or a pick?

Jerry Garcia Used several different styles of "picking" during his life. He was known to hold a pick between thumb and pointer while still using the other three fingers all at once! He also mastered the ability to use a false middle finger; his real one was lost in a wood chopping accident. Jerry also played without a pick and that stems from his roots as a bluegrass or "jug" band player.

What color was jerry Garcia's shirt that he wore while performing?

Ummm it depends on which of the over 2,000 shows he played in life you mean. He often wore multi-colored tie-dies though.

What happens to connor tempest and jasmine peacock in immortal war?

connor risks his life for her and she found out she was pregnant

Life facts about Jerry Spinelli?

life facts about jerry spinnelli

Was Andy Jackie's real life son on the sitcom Roseanne?


What are the release dates for Roseanne - 1988 The Slice of Life 1-18?

Roseanne - 1988 The Slice of Life 1-18 was released on: USA: 7 March 1989 Netherlands: 2 January 1990

Is Luis Armand Garcia and Aimee Garcia related?

They are not related in real life, but in the show GEORGE LOPEZ, they are cousins.

Did John Goodman and Roseanne ever get married in real life?

No, they only acted together.

Did roseanne barr win lottery real life?

Many think so but i highly doubt it!

Does connor from connected have a girlfriend?

Thankfully he DOESN'T!! And neither does Myles :) Life's good!

Before hitting it big on TV as a physician who was a handyman on The facts about Life and an annoying boss on Roseanne?

George Clooney.

What is the name of George Lopez's niece in the real life?

Aimee Garcia

What has the author William Connor Sydney written?

William Connor Sydney has written: 'England and the English in the eighteenth century' -- subject(s): Social life and customs, Great Britain

How was the childhood of Jerry spinelli?

Jerry Spinelli's Childhood was like any other ordinary childs life .

What is Footnote to Youth by Jose Garcia Villa about?

"Footnote to Youth" is a short story by Jose Garcia Villa. It's about the struggles with marriage, family life and responsibility that Dondong has.

What are the release dates for Undercover Double Life - 2009 Jack Garcia Operation Last Camp?

Undercover Double Life - 2009 Jack Garcia Operation Last Camp was released on: USA: 3 March 2009

What are three main events in Jerry Spinelli's life?

Jerry major events in his life is novels and connectionsof his own life and past and also having emotions in his novels

Where is the real jerry braskin?

He is serving a life sentence in prison

Bibliography of Jose Garcia Villa and his life works and achievements?

man songs

Who plays hurley on lost?

Hurley's real life name is Jorge Garcia

What is maxs name in real life on George Lopez?

Luis armand garcia

What does Jerry Spinelli do now in his life?

Jerry Spanelli now lives with his wife. They Both travel and sign books.