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Was Jesus really crucified?

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We may never know if Jesus was really crucified, but we can be sure

that the events did not really unfold as described in the gospels.

Here is a brief summary of why the whole episode as described in

the Bible is impossible, in the words of the Jewish philosopher of

religion Schalom Ben-Chorin:

"Jesus celebrates the seder-night (the Passover meal) with

his disciples. If he was to be arrested by the Jewish authorities

on this night, after the solemnities, it would be unthinkable for

the hearing to have taken place in the house of the high priest

Caiaphas on this most holy of nights. Unthinkable too that Jesus

would be handed over to Pilate on the morning of the feast, and

crucified on the first day of Passover ... Anyone familiar with

Jewish law and customs immediately senses here that the whole thing

simply couldn't have happened. If Jesus had been arrested on the

seder night, then he would have been kept in custody until after

Passover, and everything else would have been played out


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