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Was Jesus really crucified?

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A:We may never know if Jesus was really crucified, but we can be sure that the events did not really unfold as described in the gospels.

Here is a brief summary of why the whole episode as described in The Bible is impossible, in the words of the Jewish philosopher of religion Schalom Ben-Chorin:

"Jesus celebrates the seder-night (the Passover meal) with his disciples. If he was to be arrested by the Jewish authorities on this night, after the solemnities, it would be unthinkable for the hearing to have taken place in the house of the high priest Caiaphas on this most holy of nights. Unthinkable too that Jesus would be handed over to Pilate on the morning of the feast, and crucified on the first day of Passover ... Anyone familiar with Jewish law and customs immediately senses here that the whole thing simply couldn't have happened. If Jesus had been arrested on the seder night, then he would have been kept in custody until after Passover, and everything else would have been played out afterward."

2011-12-22 04:51:13
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Q: Was Jesus really crucified?
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Where did Jesus get crucified at?


Who were crucified with Jesus?

Jesus was crucified along with two common criminals.

When Jesus Christ crucified?

Jesus christ was crucified on Good Friday.

Was Jesus crucified by Tiberius?

No. Jesus was crucified under Pontius Pilate.

What did Jesus do to those who crucified him?

Jesus forgave the roman soldiers who crucified him

When in the Bible was Jesus crucified?

Jesus was crucified in the nineteenth chapter of John. In Luke, he was crucified in the 23rd chapter. In John, he was crucified in the 27th chapter.

Hill where jesus was crucified?

Jesus Christ was crucified in Jerusalem which was the capital of Israel. The hill where He was crucified was called Golgotha.

What empire was in control when Jesus was crucified?

The Roman empire was in power when Jesus was crucified.

Who are the two crucified with Jesus?

The two who were crucified with Jesus were hard core robbers.

Where do you find who sentenced Jesus to be crucified?

Pontus Pilate sentenced Jesus to be crucified.

Who was with Mary and Martha when Jesus crucified?

because martha is crucified of jesus and mary

Were there 2 or 4 robbers crucified with Jesus?

There were two criminals crucified with Jesus.

In what town was Jesus crucified?

Jesus was crucified outside the city of Jerusalem.

Who was the one apostle who saw Jesus crucified?

John the apostle saw Jesus crucified.

Who handed over Jesus to be crucified?

The religious leaders lead Jesus to be tried and then be crucified.

Was Jesus crucified in the Holy Land?

Yes, Jesus was crucified outside the wall of Jerusalem.

Was Jesus not crucified?

No. Jesus was crucified to clean the souls of all mankind if you accept that he died for you.

Who were the 2 men that were crucified with Jesus?

The two men who were Crucified with Jesus were thiefs and one of them accepted Jesus as a God and that's why we went to the paradise with Jesus (the thief crucified to the right of Jesus) and the other one (the thief crucified on the left of Jesus)was also a thief but he denied Jesus and didn't accept Him as a God and a Savior...

What did Jesus invite doubting Thomas to do that would affirm his resurrection?

Jesus invited doubting Thomas to touch his crucified hands to prove that he was really Jesus.

Where was Jesus Christ crucified?

Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday at Calvary.on mt. golgotha

Who was crucified along with Jesus?

Two thieves were crucified with Jesus, one on his right and one on his left.

Were is the name of the hill were jesus was crucified?

The hill on which Jesus was crucified with the two robbers is called Calvary.

How was god crucified?

God in the Christian faith wasn't crucified. Jesus Christ was crucified

Where was Jesus exicuted?

Jesus was crucified in Jeresalem.

Who didn't want Jesus to get crucified?

Jesus' followers did not want him to be crucified. Jesus, himself, did not entirely want to be crucified, but he saw the necessity of it and allowed himself to endure the pain for the greater good.