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No; they were different people.

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Did the apostle John wrote the book of John?

Yes. Not John the Baptist, but John the Apostle.

Which was Jesus' cousin the apostle John or John the Baptist?

John the Baptist.

Was John the Baptist an apostle or a disciple?

John the baptist was a follower of Christ, not an apostle, but would have been a disciple of Christ.

What did John the Baptist do for a living before being an apostle?

Sts. John the Baptist & John the Apostle were 2 different people. The Baptist was raised by the Essenes(after the deaths of his own parents), & the Apostle came from a family of fishermen.

What are facts about the apostle John?

The apostle John is not the same person as John the Baptist The apostle John wrote the books of Revelation,John, and the 1st,2nd,and 3rd books of John The apostle John was the last apostle living on earth The apostle John referred to himself along with his brother James as the "sons of Zebedee". One reason for this was so that he was not confused with John the Baptist.

Did John the Baptist write the book of John and 2 John?

The writer of John and 2 John were the Apostle John.

What book in the bible did John the Baptist write?

John the Baptist was not one of the writers of the New Testament. The fourth gospel is ascribed to the Apostle John and so is the book of Revelation or Apocalypse. John the apostle however is a different person than John the baptist.

What was John the apostle before Christ?

he was a disciple of John the Baptist and was a fisherman.

Who are the famous prophets?

Moses, Elijah, St. John the Baptist, St. John the Apostle.

What are the similarity between John the Baptist and revelation?

Both St. John the Baptist & St. John the Apostle(the author of Revelation)refer to Christ as the Lamb.

Did John the Baptist write any books in the bible?

John the Baptist did not write any of the books of the Bible. The Gospel of John, 1, 2 and 3 John and Revelation were all written by John the apostle, who is not the same as John the Baptist.

Did John the Baptist take Mary to Ephesus after Jesus died?

NO ... John the Baptist died before Jesus. The Virgin Mary went with the Apostle John to Ephesus.

Who were the three Johns in the Bible?

There 5 Johns, John the Baptist , John the apostle, John in the family of a high priest, The father of apostle John and the Hebrew name of the evangelist, Mark.

Is John the Baptist the brother of James in the Bible?

No. John the apostle, son of Zebedee was James' brother.

Which of these was the brother of Andrew John the Baptist or the apostle John?

Neither, as it was Simon Peter as Andrew's brother.

Who is the person most commonly referred to as Saint John?

Saint John can either refer to John the Baptist or John the Apostle. However, John the Baptist is more commonly referred to as Saint John.

Is John the Baptist the same person who wrote the Book of John?

No. The book known as John's Gospel was originally anonymous, so we will never really know who wrote it, but certainly the author was not John the Baptist. Late in the second century, the fourth gospel was attributed to the apostle John.

Was Jesus speaking to John the Baptist to behold his mother?

No, Jesus was speaking to John His disciple (Later Apostle). John the Baptist had been beheaded some time before Jesus was crucified.

Was John's Gospel written by John the Baptist?

A:No. The Gospel of John was written anonymously long after the death of John the Baptist. It was attributed to the apostle John, son of Zeberdee, later in the second century. Although modern New Testament scholars say that the Gospel could not have been written by the apostle John it also could not have been written by John the Baptist. We do not know who really wrote John's Gospel.

Were the Apostle John and Jesus related?

No. John the Apostle was one of Jesus's 12 Apostles. Jesus was, however, related to John the Baptist.No Jesus was never related to John the apostle. He was related to John the baptist, as they were both cousins. John the apostle father was named Zebedee, but John the baptists father was a priest called Zechariah.

John the Baptist wrote the Book of Revelation True or False?

False. St. John the Apostle wrote Revelation.

Who is the bride that John the Baptist refers to?

Wrong St. John. It was the Apostle which wrote the Book of Revelation. The Bride was the Church.

Did john the apostle baptise Jesus?

No, John the Apostle and John the Baptizer were two different people. John the Baptizer was arrested and beheaded by Herod, whereas John the Apostle lived past the crucifixion to write the Gospel, his 3 letters and Revelation. John the Baptist beheaded Mark 6:27 Mark 14:33 John the Apostle with Jesus in Gethsemane.

Is John the Baptist the same as the apostle John?

No. John the Baptist was never one of the apostles. John the Baptist's head was cut off in Mark chapter 6, early in the time of Christ's ministry. The apostle John was still alive, and later wrote the book of Revelation. He died on the Isle of Patmos, where he had been exiled.

Where did Saint John die?

WHICH St. John is the person referring to? John the Baptist? John the Apostle? Or one of many, many other St. Johns.

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