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No, Louis Armstrong was not a Baha'i. Dizzy Gillespie was a Baha'i.

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did louis armstrong have siblings

No, Neil Armstrong and Louis Armstrong were not related.No. Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon but Louis Armstrong was a famous musician.

how was Louis Armstrong childhood

Louis Armstrong had four wives.

Louis Armstrong had several trumpets. Those that he still had when he died are in the Louis Armstrong house and museum in Queens, NYC.

Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901.

No Louis Armstrong did not go to any college.

Louis Armstrong was famous for playing the trumpet.

Louis Armstrong House was created in 1910.

louis armstrong was a skilled trumpet player and awesome singer.

Louis Armstrong Stadium was created in 1978.

Louis Armstrong became famous in 1930.

yes Louis Armstrong had brothers and sisters

New YorkLouis Armstrong died in New York.

Louis Armstrong helped where we,the united states of jazz

Louis Armstrong created hot jazz and jazz sighing

Did Louis Armstrong have any pets when he was young?

Yes Louis Satchmo Armstrong came from a poor family.

Louis Armstrong had a heart attack while he was asleep.

Armstrongs real name is Louis Daniel Armstrong.

In the 1950s Louis Armstrong was a jazz trumpeter.

Louis Armstrong was educated in a detention home in New Orleans

Louis Armstrong was married four times.

Josephine Armstrong. No Josephine Armstrong was not Louis' grandmother's name. It was Sarah. She is my great great grandmother.

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