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No it was not. It was one of the original thirteen Colonies.

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Q: Was Maryland ever a territory
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Was the land that Washington D.C. is now ever part of Virgina?

Washington DC consists only of territory ceded by the state of Maryland.

Who of what is the former of Maryland territory?


Why is Washington D.C. not part of the state of Maryland?

Maryland gave up the territory to the United States government in accordance with the Constitution so it could be made into a separate federal territory.

What ever became of Harbor bank in highlandtown Maryland?

was Harbor Bank in Maryland

Do monsoons ever affect Maryland?


Was Utah a colony or territory?

Utah was a territory ever heard of the Utah territory dummy

Why is Maryland shaped the way it is?

Maryland's shape is a result of its colonial history. It was originally intended to be a small colony based around the Chesapeake Bay, which is why its boundaries are defined by natural features like rivers. Maryland's shape was further defined through legal agreements with neighboring colonies.

Was Maryland the first state to ever vote?


What is nationality of most colonists in Maryland?

The nationality of the majority of the colonists in Maryland was English. George Calvert was offered proprietary rights to the area by King Charles I, and the territory he settled is the place that came to be called Maryland.

What was considered neutral territory for the north and south during the civil war?

Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri

Did Maryland ever get hit by a hurricane?

Yes, Maryland got hit by Hurricane Isabelle and Hurricane Irene.

Did Christina applegate ever live in Maryland?