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No. Mickey Mouse first debuted in "Plane Crazy" which was aired in 1929. Mickey Mantle was born in 1931.

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Q: Was Mickey Mouse named after mickey mantle?
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Was Mickey Mouse really named after an actor?

Yes, he was.. Mickey Mouse was named after an actor called Mickey Rooney.

Who named Mickey Mouse?

Well, Mickey mouse was named Mortimer mouse by Walt Disney, but his wife disagreed. She wanted him to have the name Mickey Mouse, and so he was born.

What was Mickey Mantle's real name?

Mickey Charles Mantle was named by his Father "Mutt" Mantle after Hall of Fame catcher Mickey Cochrane

Who is Mickey Mouse's mother?

Mickey does not appear to have named parents.

Who is Mickey Mouse's mother?

Mickey does not appear to have named parents.

What kind of pet does Mickey Mouse have?

Mickey Mouse has a pet dog named Pluto

Is Pluto named after Mickey Mouse dog?

Other way round, Mickey Mouse's dog is named after the planet Pluto

Who little orphan Annie or Mickey Mouse owned a dog named Pluto?

Mickey Mouse had a dog named Pluto.

Who was Mickey Mantle named after?

Mickey CochraneMickey Charles Mantle was born on October 20, 1931, in Spavinaw, Oklahoma, and was named by his Father "Mutt" Mantle after his favorite ballplayer, Hall of Fame catcher Mickey Cochrane.

What is Mickey Mouse's ordinary name?

Mickey Mouse is his name. He was named by Walt Disney's wife; Lillian. Walt had originally thought his name should be Mortimer Mouse, but, Lillian preferred Mickey Mouse and that is what they named him.

What was the reason that baseball star Mickey Mantle acquired the name of Mickey?

Mickey Mantle's father was a huge baseball fan and named his son Mickey after famed baseball player Mickey Cochrane who was a great hitting catcher.

Who is plouto named after?

It is named after the dog in Mickey Mouse, believe it or not.

Was Kelly Preston on the Mickey Mouse Club?

No but there was a Mouseketeer named Kelly Parsons.She was in the 1977 to 1979 revival of The Mickey Mouse Club called, naturally, The New Mickey Mouse Club.

What was the name of Mickey Mouse's pet fish?

The name of Mickey Mouses pet fish, a black goldfish, is Yochov.

Who was Mickey Mouse named after?

mickey rooney Not really true. Mickey Rooney however did cross paths with Walt Disney at the Warners Bros. studio. But, Walt Disney originally was to name what is known as Mickey Mouse "Mortimer". But his wife, Lillian, persuaded him to name the mouse "Mickey".

Some things about Minnie Mouse?

minnie mouse has a best friend named daisey duck and loves mickey mouse , she has a boyfriend named mickey mouse and has big ears and is very cool

Where did Disney get his imagination?

He thought of Mickey Mouse from a mouse that was in his old appartment. He was going to name it mortimore but his wife said no. So he named him Mickey Mouse.

Who does Yankee icon Mickey Mantle derive his first name from?

Mickey Charles Mantle, born October 20, 1931, in Spavinaw, Oklahoma. Named by his Father "Mutt" Mantle after Hall of Fame catcher Mickey Cochrane. For more information on Mickey Mantle see Related Links below.

What are the names of Mickey Mouses nepiues?

Mickey Mouse doesn't have nephews. Donald Duck has nephews and they are Huey, Dewey and Louie. Mickey Mouse has a girlfriend Minnie and a dog named Pluto.

Where is Ben of The Mickey Mouse Club?

Your question cannot be answered as there isn't a Mousketeer named Ben in any incarnation of The Mickey Mouse Club.

Did Mickey Mouse have a cat?

No only a dog named Pluto

Why did Walt Disney named Mickey Mouse Mickey?

Because his wife, Lillian, insisted on naming him "Mickey" as Walt originally wanted to call him "Mortimer".

Who are Mickey Mouse's parents?

In the cartoon canon, Mickey's parents are Walter Elias Mouse and Lillian Mouse (née Toponi), named after Walt Disney and his wife Lillian.

When was Mickey Mouse first created?

Mickey Mouse first official appearance was in the Disney production named Steamboat Willy, 1930. He did appear prior to that in Plane Crazy, however, he wasn't known as Mickey then

Was Mickey Mantle the oldest of his four siblings?

Yes. Mickey had three younger brothers, twins named Rayand Roy and the youngest brother named Larry(nicknamed "Butch"). Mickey also had a younger sister named Barbara.