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Was Nike related to Athena?


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Nike and Athena are only related through the Temple of Athena Nike. Athena is goddess of victory in war, and Nike is goddess of victory.

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Yes, yes you can go inside to the Temple of Athena Nike.

To honor Athena the Godess. To honor Athena the Godess.

Athena, being in this case the goddess of wisdom and war, and Nike meaning "victory".

Nike because Nike was a goddess of victory and Athena was always the victor of any battle

Nike has no consorts, she was firmly identified with Athena who is a maiden goddess.

They are both Greek goddesses but are not related.

According to mythology, Pallis was the Father of Both Athena and Nike. Though Pallis slept with Metis the wife of Zues. Zues claimed Athena as his own so as not to disgrace himself. But the Two Goddesses were inseparable and were secret sisters.For a more detailed account of their relationship and that of the Other Gods and Goddesses, see source related link below

The goddess of victory and companion of Athena was Nike.

because she pooped a lot

The shoe company, Nike, is named for the Greek goddess of victory, also named Nike. She was one of the attendants of Athena.

I belive it was a shrine for the people.

well the perisans distroyed it in 480bc

it was about 22 feet to 38 feet

Nike is the spirit of victory and looks pretty much like Athena.

the Parthenon in the acropolis. it had a massive golden-plated statue of her (as Athena Nike) inside

Principally the Parthenon, the Propylaia, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike.

Her godly mother is Athena but she is related to everyone in the Athena cabin no other halfbloods

The goddess Athena is identified with the city of Athens, Greece and she is its namesake. Also with the Parthenon, a temple built for her. The owl (a simbol of wisdom) and Nike, the winged goddess of victory, are also related to her as goddess of wisdom and just war.

Nike wasn't really worshiped the way you might be thinking. She was honored alongside other gods, usually Zeus or Athena.

Yes, Athena is the daughter of Zeus who is the brother of Poseidon, thus Poseidon is the uncle of Athena.

Poseidon and Zeus are brothers. Athena is Zeus' daughter. Therefore, Athena is Poseidon's niece.

it is also known as the Parthenon. it was built in Athens and still stands there today. Athena was about 40 ft tall and nike sat in her hand standing at six feet. the columns were 8 x 17.

No! Just a special promo from Nike

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