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No, Rhea was not Medusa. Rhea was a Titan. Medusa was a Gorgon.


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brother: zeus/hades sister: hera/demeter mom: rhea dad: cronus wife: amphridite child: triton girlfriend: medusa

Pegasus' family is the gorgon, Medusa ( MUM ) an Greek God Poseidon (DAD). Brother Chrysaor. Grandpearents are Cronus and Rhea (POSEIDONS SIDE) and Phorcys and Ceto ( MEDUSAS SIDE).

Rhea is Kronos's wife.

Poseidon was Medusa's boyfriend and they were hanging out in Athena's temple. Then Athena turned Medusa into Medusa.

Rhea Kohan's birth name is Rhea Arnold.

Medusa was not a goddess; she was killed by the hero Perseus. Medusa was a gorgon.

Medusa means "queen" or "guardian".

No, Medusa is not a constellation.

No, a rhea can't fly

His mother was Rhea.Rhea.

Yes, Rhea is an Indian name. The name Rhea means 'Singer'

Rhea did not serve any goddess, Rhea was the Queen of the Titan gods.

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Medusa was called Medusa... She had two sisters; Euryale and Stheno. They were the three Gorgons. Euryale and Stheno were immortal. Medusa was not.

Medusa was always a goddess called Medusa, if she was a goddess Athena only cursed her.

medusa and her gorgon sisters were nymphs posiedon was "dating" medusa athena caught them in her temple and turned medusa and her sisters into gorgons

Rhea is the goddes of fertility and motherhood!

No, Rhea is the daughter of Gaia.

Medusa and her sisters were Gorgons.

Μέδουσα (Medusa).

what did medusa like to see

Poseidon was lover of Medusa.

The Medusa was created in 2001.

A Medusa is a type of jellyfish

Erin Rhea Berson's birth name is Erin Rhea Berson.

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