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Yes, Sally Ann Mosey was let go from Fox 29 in 2013 due to management changes and restructuring at the station.

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Q: Was Sally Ann Mosey Fired from Fox 29?
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What happened to Sally Ann mosey?

She is now at Fox 29 in Philadelphia (WTXF-TV).

What happened to Sally Ann Mosey who did the weather weekends on wnbc?

She's back in Philly doing wekend weather on Fox

Why was sally ann mosley fired from fox?

Sally Ann Mosley, also known as SallyAnn Mosey, is an American reporter, fill-in anchor and weekend meteorologist for News 12 New Jersey1 She was previously a meteorologist for the FOX-owned-and-operated television station WTXF-TV in Philadelphi2. She worked on the show ‘Good Day Philadelphia’ on Fox 29 News at Eleven. According to one source, there was a rumor that she might be losing her job at the NBC O&O along with Long Island bureau chief Carolyn Gusoff, correspondent Monica Morales and sportscaster Otis Livingston. However, this rumor was not confirmed by any official statement or evidence. Furthermore, as of now, she has lived a controversy-free career. Therefore, it is not clear if Sally Ann Mosley was fired from Fox or left voluntarily. She has not publicly commented on this matter on her social media accounts. She seems to be happy and successful in her current role at News 12 New Jersey.

Where is sally ann mosley she still at fox news?

She is on NJ101.5 Radio

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