Was Sparta republic

Updated: 9/18/2023
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No. The modern political system Sparta was closest to is Monarchy.

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Q: Was Sparta republic
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Why is the roman republic mostly like Sparta?

The Roman Republic was not mostly like Sparta. It was totally different.

Who is the tenant of Generali Arena?

Czech Republic national football team and the Sparta Prague are the tenants of Generali Arena.

Did Rome conquer Sparta?

No not really. Sparta had been on a long decline from power when it allied itself with The Roman Republic in the Punic Wars. Rome then afterwords forced Sparta, then with a population of around 700 citizens not counting Helots, into a league and invaded Greece through Sparta. So did the actually fight i do not believe so because eat this time Sparta was far to week to put up any real fight. If Rome had fought them back in Sparta's glory days though that sure would have been a battle to see.

How so you say this is Sparta in German?

This is Sparta! = Dies ist Sparta!

Did Athens or Sparta win the war?

Athens is located on the central plain of Attica or Attica Basin. It is surrounded on three sides by mountains and the fourth side by a gulf. Sparta is located on the Peloponnesus Peninsula. Between Sparta and the sea is the Parnon Mountains on the east and the Targetus mountains on the west They are both in the country of Greece. Athens and Sparta are also cities in Georgia, in the United States, named for their more famous Greek counterparts.

What is the landscape of the Sahara Desert?

sparta, sparta and SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this Sparta blasfamy or madness?

Sparta, this is most definitly Sparta!

Who was a rival to Athens?

Sparta ***** The persian empire.

What enemies did Athens and Sparta have?

Athens was enemies with Sparta and Sparta was enemies with Athens

Was Xerxes for Athens or Sparta?


Who is better Sparta or Athen?


What government does Sparta have?

Sparta was an oligarchy.