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Thomas More was a devout Catholic & lost his head to the guillotine because of this.

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Q: Was Thomas More Catholic or protestant?
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Did Thomas More choose Catholic or Protestant?

Thomas More chose to remain Catholic and opposed the Protestant Reformation during his lifetime. He was executed for his refusal to accept King Henry VIII as the supreme head of the Church of England.

What is the effect of reformation to England?

It brought more religions to the country (catholic and protestant) and there was a tension between the Catholic and protestant.<3

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The Elizabeth religious settlement was a middle way between catholic and protestant. More favourable to protestant than catholic

Was Kathryn howard a Catholic or protestant?

She was a Protestant

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James I of England was Protestant not Catholic.

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What did the Roman Catholic Church do to Thomas Cromwell?

First of all, there is no "Roman Catholic Church", that is a slur, in English, from after the protestant revolt, to refer to the Catholic Church. Secondly, Thomas Cromwell was tried by Henry VIII on charges of heresy and treason, and executed by King Henry VIII, himself a heretic, and an apostate from the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church had nothing to do with Thomas Cromwell.

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