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Ancient Egypt

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The blocks that were used to construct the pyramids were made of

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How many pyramids did the ancient Egyptians bild

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Q: Was Tutankhamun murdered
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Related questions

Who murdered King Tutankhamun?

He did not get murdered.

Where could King Tutankhamun have been murdered?

king tut was not murdered

How old was King Tutankhamun when he got murdered?

He was only 18.

How was Tutankhamun murdered?

well his wasn't murdered he died from a bad disease called gangrene, which effects your whole body

Who was king after King Tutankhamun?

it was his advisor ay he murdered tut at the age of 19

Why did people suspect that King Tutankhamun might have been murdered?

It might be because there could have been a mark that looked liked someone murdered him.

How was King Tutankhamun murdered?

He wasn't murdered or killed in anyway. He died of an infection in the leg. It is believed that he suffered from a broken leg before Gangrene affected the area.

How did Tutankhamun died and why?

No one knows how he died. But some believe he was murdered, posioned or suffered and infection.

What Did they do to King Tutankhamun?

He died!!(?) They murdered him or something or at least my book says he had an infection with his legs and died of that...

Why did King Tutankhamun die so young?

he died by gangren caused by a broken leg but he wasn`t murdered

Who killed King Tutankhamun?

king tut was murderd by a man called aye no he was murdered by his step mom senkara

Was King Tutankhamun murdered?

No. Archaeologists have discovered that he had a fracture in the leg. It then got infected with gangrene which then spread throughout the body and killed him.

Was King Tutankhamun really murdered?

Yes, but king Tut's body indacates that he was in war.He fell of his horse drawn chariot and broke his leg

How old was Tutankhamun when he became king?

Tutankhamun was age eight when he became the Pharoh of Egypt . He Had Been Murdered At Age Eighteen .He was actualy nine years old he became pharaoh when he was nine years old. He died when he was about 18 - 19 years old.

Did King Tutankhamun die of a snake bite?

No he did not die of a snake bite he died from a massive trama to the back of the skull believed to be murdered by one of his advisors for power

What makes King Tutankhamun so famous?

King Tut (or King Tutankhamun) is famous because he was made a King at the young age of 10, and he was murdered ages upon ages ago at a young age (and his murder is still unsolved). He is also known for the exquisite mask that was placed on him after he died.

When did King Tutankhamun become pharo?

King Tut became a king at the age of 9 & he died at the age of 18...i researched that either he was murdered or died of illness

What do scientist believe what happened to King Tutankhamun?

king tut was not murdered in fact he was 18 when he died so Richard nelson told me that he died of a infected broken leg

Do You know how King Tutankhamun died?

No one knows exactly how he died but scientists speculate he may have been murdered due to signs of blood clots on the back of his skull.

Why was King Tutankhamun killed?

tutankhamen was murdered by a man called Ay --------------- no he wasn't. Lastest CT Scan examinations says it was from a broken leg and malaria.

Who was Tutankhamun's stepmother?

Tutankhamun's stepmother was Nefertiti. Tutankhamun's father, Amenhotep IV / Akhenatan had had Kiya, Tutankhamun's mother, as one of his many wives, and Nefertiti as another. Tutankhamun later married one of the daughters of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, Ankhesenamun.

Where did tutankhamun die?

tutankhamun died in his throne

What was king Tutankhamun's childhood like?

King Tutankhamun's life was very short, and not to mention sad. When Tutankhamun was only 5, his father, and brother, had passed away. He was heir to the throne at the age of 9. Tutankhamun was married by the age of 12, and later died. Geologists do not know exactly what happened to him. One of the most common asked questions of this century is whether or not he was murdered. That question is still being researched today. Another question is, what is the curse of King Tut? Archeologists believe that the curse of King Tut is, if you disturb his tomb, you will die a week later. This curse is now believed after the man who found Tut's tomb, died a week after.

Did King Tutankhamun get mudered?

No, King Tut did not get murdered. It is said that he was, but as all present Archealogists and Historians know, he was walking when he fell down a giant flight of stairs, cracking his skull. That is why his mummy's skull has a crack in it. Glad to help.

Who is more famous Lady Gaga or Tutankhamun?