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World War 1

Was WW1 a war to make the world safe for democracy or was it a chance for the victorious Allies to take advantage of the defeated Central Powers?


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WWI & WW II have both been reffured to as, the war to end all war. Humans have the Idea, wars shall continue, as long as the weapons arn't to horrible, it is hoped, weapons get too Terrifying, so governments wont declare wars anymore.

Unfortunately; governments don't fight wars, troups do, It might of worked indays of your, when even monarchs went into battle.

How ever humans have never been too skillful at the higher levels of communication, so they communicate by throwing things at one another, including aton bombs. Thus they have never learned the art of ending wars. They have war collages, byt I have never haerd of even one class on; How To Not Declair Wars. I doubt they even know why they fight them!